Ferstappen was in the lead after the first starts in the 3rd quarter with 1 m28.991 s, and Leclerc and Sainz lagged behind – only 0.080 s, covering all three.

In the last runs Leclerc led the pack and achieved his personal best time from the start and then took advantage of the best time in the middle sector to roar to 1 m28,796 s.

Lagging behind, Sains recorded a staggering first sector 0.2 seconds faster than his teammate, but he lost time during the lap and ended up falling by 0.190 seconds.

But that was still enough to once outrun Ferstappen, who secured second place in Sunday’s race net when the Red Bull driver gave up his last effort.

Ferstappen had to catch the massive agility he encountered after throwing his RB18 through a fast, smooth 5/6 turn set, jumping on the last corner and falling on Leclerc in 0.6 seconds in the first sector – after which he returned to the tour . finishing straight and acknowledging his defeat with a note that he “sb ** in it”.

Sergio Perez took fourth place in the second Red Bull, ahead of Alfa Romeo Walter Botas and Mercedes the driver Lewis Hamilton.

Pierre Gasley took seventh place, s Landa Norris, Yuki Tsunoda and Lance Stroll closing the top 10.

In the second quarter Fernando Alonso determined his best time at the end, but could not get into the top 10 by bullets, as he dropped out in 11th place, ahead of the pacemaker FP2 George Russell.

Russell spent most of the 2nd quarter without time on the board when he struggled with wild over agility in the first sector of the track and guinea pigs elsewhere, but finally with his last effort reached the top 10.

But it happened almost two minutes before the middle qualifying segment ended, and he didn’t have enough time to get back into boxing for fresh tires, so he was dropped in order and dropped out.

He finished forward Sebastian Vettelwho regretted losing time when he broke out of the chicane at the end of the second sector, took 13th place, ahead of McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo and driver Haas Mick Schumacher.

In the first quarter, a barrage of late improvements due to several drivers who dreamed of early start-ups, including Hamilton and Alonso, changed Kevin Magnussen until the 16th and goes out.

Zhou Guanyu was knocked out on the 17th, disappointed that on the last turns of his last flight circle suffered intense traffic, described the scenes as “dangerous” and called on “Alpha” to report the incident to the FIA.

Williams hoped Alex Albon could repeat his strong FP3 speed, where he finished ninth, but he regretted not setting personal best times in the last two sectors of his last lap, leaving him in 18th.

It was ahead Nicholas Latifi in another Williams, who set a personal best at the very end of the first quarter but failed to rise from the back row of the net in Sunday’s race.

Esteban Ocon did not take part in the qualifiers after a crack was found in his chassis as a result of a severe crash on the chicane in FP3, and as a result he started the race last.


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