Leclerc took part in a demonstration race at the historic event in Monaco in 2022 last Sunday, when in 1974. Ferrari 312B3 suffered brake problems.

The winner of the GP of Bahrain and Australia in 2022 was on the third wheel, when he lost the back of the car to the famous right-hander Roscas, was in the barriers.

His teammate Carlos Science on Thursday said it would not want to risk driving a historic car while Ferrari is in the title fight.

Despite the accident, Leclerc said it was “always an honor” for him to drive historic cars and that “it’s also part of our job and sometimes we need to get into those cars.”

He said: “Honestly, before that I believe that all the checks that needed to be done were done.

“Obviously, this car was shaken earlier on Thursday, and yes, the breakdown occurred on the brake pad screw, and it is impossible to find out.

“So, fighting for such a championship, I will think twice to repeat it in the future, but yes, it is also part of our job and sometimes we need to get into those cars.

“It is always an honor for me and I am always very happy and very happy to ride these cars and I am also pleased.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari 312 B3 after the crash

Photo: ACM

“But yes, you always need to find a balance, and of course if you’re fighting for the championship, or just in general, because it’s for safety in general.

“I had a lot of fun and it was a pity, but again, just unlucky.”

Leclerc also recently protested the venerable 312T4 Gilles Villeneuve 1979 in Fiarano to mark the 40th anniversary of the death of the winner of the Canadian Grand Prix.

But he said he had more fun in Lauda’s car thanks to the 312T4 running on museum tires.

Leclerc said: “Nicky’s tire was weird to fail, there it was a little less weird, but honestly, in the one I was driving, Gilles had museum tires, so I couldn’t push at all, they were very old tires, and it was difficult to drive more than 100 km / h.

“I had a lot more fun in Nicky’s car.”

The Ferrari driver, who leads the 2022 Formula One drivers’ standings after five rounds, said he felt emotionally connected while driving historic cars, and said it was “great to feel like it was and what it is now”.

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He added: “Of course it is, they are drivers I have never seen in real life, obviously now on social media you can see a lot of their fights.

“You understand how much they risked only when they sat in one of their cars and saw what safety they had at the time and what it meant to fight wheel to wheel at such a speed with these cars.

“I also think it’s great to feel like it was and like now, now it’s very different, it’s much faster, but it’s also much safer, and we don’t think as much about security as they probably did when they raced.

“I’ve had to meet Nicky several times in the paddock in the past, and yes, they’re just legends of our sport, of course, it’s always weird to be behind the wheel of their cars.”

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