Favorite for me? Lancia Delta HF Integrale from Sanremo 1992. Do you remember that rally? Remember why it was special?

I met a guy I will always remember. Andrea Aghini. This was the guy who drove the last Lancia to win the World Championship.

It was so nice to see his car and talk to this guy again. They took a nice picture, dressed me in mechanics’ overalls – like in the old days.

I think DirtFish readers know me a bit, you know I love the history of our sport, but I’m not that interested in meeting Andrea, Marco [Alén]Yuha [Kankkunen] and all these guys and they’re just like, “Blah, blah, remember when this happened and this, and remember that angle and this, blah, blah, blah.”

I prefer to talk to these guys about our current lives and what lies ahead. Honestly, it was a nice moment and nice to see all these guys looking so good.

You can imagine I’ve been talking a lot these past few days.