Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her 70th birthday on the throne, and British automakers have special treats on the occasion. After McLaren introduced a new paint and Jaguar Land Rover body parade of 26 cars, it was LEVC’s turn to present its “gift”. The manufacturer of the famous London taxi presented a trio of electric models TX with platinum wrapper, which will take part in the festivities.

The custom-made platinum shell of the electric taxi seems to be quite reflective, although London is not famous for its sunlight. Apart from the shiny chrome finish applied to the entire TX body, the model remains standard. Therefore, we should not expect ultra-luxury placement of special LEVC TX models customized Satan or Lorinserbut at least there will be enough space for guests.

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The three special LEVC TX will not act as taxis for the general public as they are reserved for transporting VIPs to their seats before the Queen’s anniversary competition. The event will take place at a mall in central London this Sunday, 5 June, and will be broadcast worldwide. Thousands of performers from the Commonwealth will take part in the show.

The LEVC TX, launched by Chinese automaker Geely in 2018, is available with all-electric and range extender fake hybrid transmission options. Aside from the taxi option that operates in various cities including London, Paris and Tokyo, the TX also comes in light commercial vehicle the scent while the automaker was also teasing camper van.

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