Elia Earhart won her first European Fanatec GT2 series and won the Am class in Sunday’s second race at the Red Bull Ring, overcoming an additional 30 seconds in the pits to climb to the top of the podium in Austria.

Audi number 18 LP Racing had to spend extra time in boxing as his teammate Michael Doppelmeier was unable to compete due to unforeseen circumstances on Sunday. Driving a single car, Earhart showed a stellar drive to close the deficit by climbing to fourth place after pit stops to bring Nicolas Salens ahead in the penultimate round of the 50-minute meeting.

Although the PK Carsport № 11 crew of Salens and Stines Longinus usurped to lead in the final stages, can be more than happy with the hard-earned second Pro-Am win of the season, starting 10th in the net and hitting a finish in the first race on Saturday.

Five-way fight for the second race in Austria

The second departure of the European series Fanatec GT2 over the weekend in Austria became one of the closest competitions in the short history of the championship. Once again, Austrian True Racing from Reiter Engineering № 16 KTM took a pole position to start the second race, but the home team was immediately under pressure when the field rose and moved into the first turn.

Despite holding the lead for the first four laps, Rosina could do little to keep her sister № 14 KTM and Brabham BT63 GT2 in fear on the 4,318km track. The magnificent movement inside brought Reinhard Kofler the lead in the fifth round, and Anders Fjordbach duly followed suit.

Thus, Rosina was pushed to third place and hit the clutches of Earhart’s Am-leading LP Racing Audi, while DTM legend Bernd Schneider was in a terrible blow from the back of the net at the invitation of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series to take and both. place in second place when the pit stop window opened.

Although Brabham got a jump in the pits, the penalty for the trip put KTM № 14 ahead of Horst Felbermeier Jr. And KTM № 16 and Ebi Motors Porsche Gianluca Georgie both fall short of pit stops and have to serve On the road car PK Carsport moved to second place after a strong start by Stines Longin to raise Audi from 10th place in the network.

George’s passing duly brought Earhart back to the Am-Class leader and to the rear bumper of the High Class Racing Audi, causing the Italian to snatch second place from Aurelius Rusteika just over six minutes before the end.

Over the tense last five minutes, Salens reduced KTM’s advantage before getting a pass to the lead, only to have Earhart follow suit and gain pressure. A brilliant move in the first turn in the penultimate round ensured the girl of the German racer directly and victory in the Am class.

Salens retained second place in the overall standings, winning his second win of the Pro-Am season, ahead of two True Racing KTM Felbermeier Jr. and Hubert Trankenpoltz. Yesterday’s Am winner, Henry Hasid once again ran well, finishing fifth overall and second in the class, ahead of PK Carsport Audi Bert Longin and Peter Helinks. Yesterday’s winners Stefan Rozina and Filip Sladetska finished seventh.

Stefan Rattel brought the SPS Mercedes-AMG home an impressive eighth place overall: Georgie ninth and Audi № 88 finished 10th. Pro-Am leaders advanced to the second round, the High Class crew had to settle for P11 ahead of LP Racing Gorini Porsche and Brabham, who received a puncture in the final stages.

The European Fanatec GT2 series continues the third round in Misano, Italy, on July 2-3.

Source. SRO Motorsports Group