MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. has introduced a new microsite “Check the air conditioner” (, which states that car repair shops can inform vehicle owners to have qualified professionals annually inspect and maintain their air conditioning systems. MAHLE says consumers benefit from the proper functioning of their air conditioning systems not only to enhance cabin comfort, but also to avoid damage that can be costly to repair. A well-maintained air conditioning system is also crucial to ensure the proper temperature range for electric and hybrid vehicle transmission batteries.

In addition to an exhaustive list for proper maintenance, maintenance and installation of air conditioning, MAHLE says its “Air Conditioning Test” microsite contains useful resources, including articles, easy-to-follow tutorials and industry statistics, and information on some of the company’s latest solutions. including MAHLE premium cabin filters and the MAHLE OzonePRO professional sanitation system.

“Store owners can refer consumers to the Air Conditioning Check website for information on the annual maintenance of their air conditioning system from a qualified vehicle technician,” said Ted Hughes, Marketing Director, MAHLE Aftermarket North America. “The site is also designed to provide vehicle owners with information on the design and operation of the car air conditioning system, why regular maintenance is required to ensure its reliability, as well as detailed information on inspection and maintenance with their own hands.”

MAHLE adds that the “Air Conditioning Check” microsite also contains details on some of the latest technologies, including the company’s expanded range of cabin air filters as well as MAHLE OzonePRO’s professional sanitation system. This innovative technology uses ozone gas to sterilize the car interior and eliminate odors. In addition to its easy and automated operation that monitors ozone levels and process time, it offers digital integration with mobile devices and post-completion reporting of sanitation, the company said.

For more information, visit www.mahle-aftermarket.comor contact your local sales representative.

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