Matthews International Corp. announced that the company has completed its previously announced acquisitions of German engineering companies OLBRICH GmbH and R+S Automotive GmbH for €43 million (approximately US$45 million).

Headquartered in Boholz, Germany, OLBRICH is an intelligent equipment manufacturer specializing in custom-built rotary machining equipment, including equipment used in the production of dry and wet electrodes for lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles, and components for hydrogen fuel cells. and electrolyzers. The company also has additional strengths in specialty and pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging and home decor.

R+S Automotive is a specialist engineering supplier of automation concepts, systems and tools for automotive companies worldwide. The company plans to integrate OLBRICH and R+S Automotive with its engineering and energy business Saueressig, part of the industrial technology segment focused on high-precision engineering for a wide range of industrial automation applications, including high-tech individual energy solutions, surfaces, marking. , and coding systems.

Joseph S. Bartalacci, president and CEO of Matthews International, said: “We are very pleased to acquire OLBRICH and R+S Automotive as part of our long-term strategy to offer an expanded portfolio of purpose-built equipment and services for the emerging electric vehicle market and the broader green energy market. Our combined capabilities offer innovative solutions to accelerate the development of an end-to-end solution for the production of dry cell batteries and other energy solutions. Together, our offering will have a significant impact on mass market adoption of electric vehicles and benefit the entire energy solutions industry. This strategic acquisition continues our investment in technology and accelerates the commercialization of new innovations in various industrial automation applications.”

“Matthews is the right partner for our future,” said Bastian Kuhl, CEO of OLBRICH and R+S Automotive. “OLBRICH, like Matthews, is making great strides in expanding production of hydrogen fuel cell components. With OLBRICH’s recent order for a Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) mass production line and Mathews’ strength in bipolar plates, our combined portfolio is well positioned to build market strength not only as a supplier to OEMs, but also as a key manufacturing partner in energy, specialty and pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging and home decor.’

With the acquisition of OLBRICH and R+S Automotive, Matthews International says it is expanding its global presence and establishing itself as a key player in the energy solutions sector.

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