This expands the reach of the British team in electric sports after its decision to join the Extreme E series this year. He has already signed an option deal to participate in Formula E for the ninth season of the championship, which he completed with the acquisition of the Mercedes team.

The Formula E team will join the McLaren Formula 1 team and the Arrow McLaren SP IndyCar team under the auspices of McLaren Racing.

Current Mercedes team leader Ian James will remain on board to lead the Formula E team as the deal for Mercedes to relinquish control of the team will be completed later this year.

“Today’s announcement confirms the next exciting chapter in team development,” James said.

“Since its founding in 2019, performance, sustainability and adaptability have been key to our success. Mercedes-Benz has so far been a major factor for this team, and when we started this journey, we could only hope for the results we’ve achieved to date.

“The company’s clear goals and technological expertise have accelerated our ambitions, and I would like to thank them for being the most supportive owners, helping us do what we do best: race. Now they have once again played an important role in ensuring rights. partner to continue our journey on Formula E.

“Becoming part of the McLaren Racing family is a privilege: McLaren has always been synonymous with success and high performance.

“It’s a great moment for all parties involved, but above all for the people on this team. They make her heart beat. The opportunity to keep working with them is what worries me the most.

Ian James, head of the Mercedes-Benz EQ team

Photo: Simon Galloway / Drawings of motorsport

“I am looking forward to the next chapter for the team and will be proud of its members in the 9th season. Until then, we will be focused on achieving the best results as the Mercedes-EQ Formula E team for the rest of the current season. ”

McLaren said the supplier of its driver and transmission supplier will be announced later, as well as any sponsorship deals that will help fund the team.

CEO Zach Brown said McLaren’s involvement in Formula E will help expand the team’s interest in electric mobility.

“McLaren Racing is always committed to competing with the best and most advanced technology, giving our fans, partners and people new ways to excite, entertain and inspire. Formula E, like all our racing series, meets all these criteria,” Brown said.

“As with all the sports we participate in, the Formula E race is at the center, but it will be a strategic, commercial and technical addition to McLaren Racing as a whole.

“It’s also nice to provide a home for the class-leading Formula E team built by Mercedes, which will become a full-fledged part of the McLaren Racing family. Although Formula E will work separately for our F1 and IndyCar teams, Formula E complements and creates our EV racing program along with Extreme E.

“I firmly believe that Formula E will give McLaren Racing a competitive edge through a better understanding of EV racing, while providing a point of difference for our fans, partners and people and continuing to lead us on a path of sustainable development.”

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