British attire will acquisition of assets and entry into the departing detachment of Mercedes before the 2022-2023 season, adding Formula E to its expanded portfolio of Formula 1 racing teams, IndyCar and Extreme E.

It happens as a team of Formula E teams is encouraged by the return of the Abt teamtogether with Login Maserati as a manufacturer in conjunction with Venturi.

PLUS: Why Maserati’s move to Formula E is a victory for both sides

Agag likened the exodus of manufacturers to entering Formula One in the late 2000s, when such as BMW, Honda and Toyota withdrew, while Formula E had to contend with the loss of German giants Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

“I think that says a lot [about the strength of the championship]”- said Agag.

“A few months ago, unfortunately, we lost a couple of producers. You know what motorsport is, when you lose manufacturers, it seems like it’s the end of the world and the whole thing will end in tears.

“Formula 1 was at the time, I remember when BMW, Toyota, all these guys in the late 2000s suddenly left and looked like that.

“We had a little bit of that about a year ago. And there were a lot of comments like “What is this?” ‘What’s going on?’

“Definitely it’s huge, I’d call it a rebound. With Maserati, with Abt and now with McLaren, I think it’s great.

McLaren has already taken on the Extreme E series, which is also run by Agag

Photo: McLaren

“It shows the strength of Formula E as the pinnacle of electric racing. And it shows that in Gen3, which is a huge step forward, the best actors are ready to take part in the championship.”

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CEO Jamie Ragle explained that the departure of many major manufacturers has become a chance for Formula E to begin a mental search and consider ways to attract new teams and manufacturers after assessing its “vulnerability”.

He said the change in qualification format and adding a cost limit All of them were implemented to improve the “business cases” of Formula E, and this allowed the championship to attract the desired teams.

Ragle said, “The story a year ago was ‘what’s going on with Formula E?’, ‘Is this sport credible?'” And ‘from a marketing standpoint it seems expensive compared to the output you get.’

“So we spent a lot of time over the last 12-18 months trying to fix these vulnerabilities: a new qualifying format, improving the sports format, we launched the Gen3 car a couple of weeks ago in Monaco, and the characteristics of this car. [are] quite spectacular. I think we show that we belong on these big stages.

“We offer another proposal. And then the business rationale: we have set a spending limit that should allow teams to achieve a competitive balance in this, but it also means they need to be able to generate returns to grow the championship.

So it’s all great and I can say it, but you need a check. Involvement of Maserati and McLaren when we were compiling our list with Alejandro a year or two ago, in the depths of those who left, we said “who’s at the top of the page ? ‘

“McLaren – at the top of the page, Maserati – at the top of the page. So we’re very happy that they are.”

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