This is a summary of FreightWaves’ fireside chat Supply Chain Meets FinTech event Wednesday.

FIREPLACE CHAT TOPIC: Commodity Innovation: How Payments Technology is Unlocking the $7 Trillion Chemicals Sector.

DETAILS: Logistics and chemicals experts discuss how the speed and flexibility of payment technology can benefit companies.

SPEAKER: David Haase is the president ChemDirect.

BIO: Haase has more than 15 years of experience in finance, marketing and business development strategy. It has also brought new products to market in pharmaceuticals, technology and consumer products.

SPEAKER: Mike Cucciello is the company’s senior vice president of supply chain management and distribution Schneider.

BIO: Kukiela has more than 15 years of experience in logistics. He leads the development of logistics solutions for complex supply chains through technologies, processes and procedures.


“We built logistics into our real platform. So when you shop for a chemical, we take into account the entire purchase cost and planning of the logistics part of the procurement at the time of purchase.”

“We’d like to see more flexible point-of-sale solutions that can be done at the speed of buying chemicals online, which happens in real time.”


“Once you have the technology [and] you have solutions, it’s how you gather the data that exists in the ecosystem to reimagine tomorrow and dream up new solutions that help improve execution and lower costs.”

“We’ve just come off a two- or three-year period where we’ve had an unprecedented number of disruptions, and that’s affected shippers and how they get things done. There is a lot of concern about the cash and how they keep the cash.’

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