Sound systems have become the main field of automotive battles. At a high level, jeep formed a partnership with Mackintosh for Wagoneer and Grand Cherokee SUVs. And even budget compact cars today offer branded head units. Mercedes has just announced that it is taking things up a notch by providing Apple Music surround audio with Dolby Atmos. Mercedes cars will be the first non-Apple devices to do so.

What is Apple Spatial Audio?

Surround audio is a more immersive, theater-like sound experience that takes the listener’s head into account and makes it feel like the sound is coming from a specific direction. Apple Music allows you to listen to certain tracks in Spatial Audio. You used to need Apple devices like Beats in headphones or AirPods use it. But some Mercedes cars will now be able to play it from the car itself.

Which Mercedes cars will get Spatial Audio?

Spatial Audio will be deployed on standard and Maybach versions the new S-Class. Electric cars like the EQE, the just-announced EQE SUV, EQS and EQS SUV will also get access to it. Owners must upgrade the vehicle to an optional Burmester 4D or 3D sound system. This technology will later filter down to other Mercedes vehicles.

Will Mercedes charge extra for Spatial Audio?

Mercedes seems to have no plans Take BMW as an example and launch Spatial Audio as an amazing in-car subscription service. But the upgraded Burmester 4D sound system doesn’t come cheap. The option for the S-Class costs $6,730. And Mercedes owners will need a subscription to Apple Music. This probably won’t be much of a problem if you’re upgrading to a premium audio system on a $100,000+ Mercedes.