The first series-produced eActros electric battery, built at the Wert am Rhein plant, was delivered by logistics specialist DB Schenker, who uses a new truck to transport goods on flights in the Leipzig region of eastern Germany.

Mercedes-Benz Truck brand manager Karin Radstrom said: “We worked closely with DB Schenker during the development of eActros. Feedback from practical tests has been used to develop a production car as well as related services. ”

Wolfgang Janda, Head of Network and Line Transport at DB Schenker, said: “We have set ourselves the goal of becoming the world’s leading supplier of green logistics. The lightweight Fuso eCanter has already proven its suitability for everyday use in a variety of cities. Now we are happy to see how eActros will work. ”

DB Schenker already has 40 eCanters operating in 11 European countries, including Germany, France, Finland, Italy and Spain.

Range up to 400 km

EActros batteries can consist of three (version 300) or four batteries (400), each of which has an installed capacity of 112 kWh and a usable capacity of about 97 kWh.

The 400 has a range of up to 400 km (250 miles). The drive consists of a rigid electric axis with two integrated electric motors and a two-speed transmission.

Two liquid-cooled engines provide a continuous power of 330 kW and a peak power of 400 kW. The energy obtained during braking is fed back into the battery. The truck can be charged with a capacity of up to 160 kW. At a conventional fast DC charging station with a charging current of 400 A, three batteries take just over an hour to charge from 20% to 80%.

Spier has delivered a body for the DB Schenker truck. The Athlete dry cargo body is an aeroform design with solid edging profiles and profiles with refined aerodynamics, combined with a built-in roof spoiler to reduce drag and increase EV range.

The cars are provided by Mercedes-Benz through its ServiceLeasing product and are subsidized in accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Digital Technology and Transport (BMDV) for financing “climate-friendly commercial vehicles”.

Serial production of eActros is funded by BMDV with € 10.77 million under the Directive on the Promotion of Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles with Alternative, Climate-Safe Drives and Appropriate Refueling and Charging Infrastructure (KsNI).

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