Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes was embarrassed by being so fast on Friday and then on its hind leg headed for the Miami Grand Prix qualifiers.

George Russell led the second training session on Friday when Mercedes came to the ground, bringing some upgrades to the Miami International Speedway. In the last training session both riders were comfortable out of the top ten, and Hamilton says both results were unexpected before he managed to qualify sixth.

“Embarrassed by yesterday’s pace,” Hamilton said. “We were looking faster than we really were. Then today was a surprise in FP3 to see us so far. The qualification was a bit stressful. I think we have not taken a step forward, but we must continue to work.

“I just got a qualification, so I don’t look at harm limits; I look to do everything I can in the race. I am generally very happy with the work I have done today. I did everything I could with the car I had. ”

Russell’s teammate was also surprised that he fought so hard after Friday’s show, but says the feeling in the car told him that after leaving in the second quarter he would be in trouble.

“It was definitely a surprise, but after driving the car and feeling how it felt, it’s not surprising,” Russell said. “Today I felt like a completely different beast. Today we had a lot of guinea pigs and we don’t understand why. After all, it was a difficulty.

“This is the first time I’ve felt it during the entire turn – so turn 4, turn 5 – I just slipped through it all and then into all the braking zones. It’s a shame because I was slower today than I was yesterday and everyone else [improved].

“There were [set-up changes] this morning, but we’re back to it, and for some reason it’s still there. So it’s obviously something with the conditions, or I don’t know what it could be, but the feeling inside was completely different. ”



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