• Mercedes has introduced Vision AMG, a concept that signals its brand’s desire to move to electric driving in the next decade.
  • The sleek body is draped over a long wheelbase, providing dramatic proportions.
  • The headlights mimic the logo of the three-pointed star Mercedes, and the taillights look like afterburners on a fighter.

    Mercedes-AMG, a performance-oriented division of the German brand, has embarked on a radical transformation, moving away from high-volume engines that have strengthened its reputation for willing driving machinations, toward reduced power units and hybridization. Next C63 AMG going to exchange the 4.0-liter turbocharged V-8 for a 2.0-liter turbocharged hybrid. But soon AMG will begin to move away from gas engines, and the Vision AMG concept presented today provides an opportunity to look into the fully electric future of AMG, which, according to Mercedes, will begin in 2025.

    Vision AMG features an elegant body with smooth aerodynamic surfaces and a long wheelbase. The rear and side windows have been painted in the same silver Alubeam color as the rest of the car, emphasizing the elegant look and reducing the ability of the windows to be windows. The general form follows in the footsteps EQXX concept and Mercedes says it has an active rear spoiler, though none of the photos show it raised. Mercedes has said very little about what drives the Vision AMG, other than that it is electric, rides on a new platform called AMG.EA and has a high-performance high-voltage battery, as well as a compact and lightweight axial motors also found in EQXX.

    Although the Vision AMG case looks like a polished stone, the graphic elements add a lot of excitement. On the nose there is a panel that mimics the traditional radiator grille AMG Panamericana, with LED light strips that mimic the vertical bars of gas models. A thin light strip connects the main headlight blocks, stylized under the iconic logo of the three-pointed star Mercedes. The taillights, meanwhile, have three cylindrical tubes that look like glowing fighter bursts and are located under an aggressive rear diffuser.

    Mercedes has linked the Vision AMG concept to its successful Formula One team with silver paint, aqua accents and a faint star pattern on the rear of the car, reminiscent of a race car livery. The 22-inch concept wheels also have a closed aerodynamic design similar to the wheels presented in the 2022 Formula One season. Mercedes has not confirmed that the concept is directly looking at AMG’s future model, but we expect many of the design marks to be carried over when AMG starts running on electric power in 2025.

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