Mini has good news and a steep price hike for the 2023 model year, the cars available to buyers after production switches to next year in November. Good news for enthusiasts is the return of the manual transmission to more trim levels after a supply hiatus caused by a supply shortage. A six-speed manual transmission becomes a separate option on two-door Mini hardtops, i.e. the Cooper, Cooper Sand Works by John Cooper options. Bad news for enthusiasts who wanted to match this gearbox to the base Minnie Cooper The classic is that the classic is gone. Like other automakers, Mini ditched entry-level trim for the new year, automatically raising the price of entry by a non-trivial amount.

Product planners played out a bunch of preliminary changes with standard features, packages and individual options for different trim levels. For example, the two-door Cooper, Cooper S and JCW hardtops in the Signature style got power mirrors and auto-dimming rearview mirrors. Cooper S and JCW in Iconic trim get Mini parking assistant. On the other hand, the Cooper SE in Iconic trim loses the alarm system and active cruise control, while some trim levels countryman Cooper S and Cooper S All 4 do not have an alarm system and dynamic damper control. If you’re interested in the Mini, take a close look at the fine print about the feature set.

Iconic 2.0’s Resolute, Untold, and Untamed special editions expand the options menu. Resolute adds Enigmatic Black Metallic as its base case color with Pepper White roof or Nanuq White body and roof. The black Mini Yours Lounge Leather can be purchased for $750. The Untold extends availability from only Member of the John Cooper Works Club to Cooper S and Cooper S All4. Exterior shades will now include Midnight Black Metallic with black flecks. As for the Untamed, its paint palette adds Nanuq White paired with a standard black contrast roof and mirrors, as well as Matte Bluestone graphics.

For all Mini Solid roofs, Pepper White, White Silver and Moonwalk Gray body colors will be discontinued at the end of October. They are replaced by Nanuq White and Melting Silver III, which become available across the range.

Base trim prices have risen significantly now that the Classic is gone, with quadruple-digit jumps on every trim compared to prices Mini released in February this year. MSRP for base 2023 models after $850 destination charge:

  • 2-door hardtop: $29,450 ($5,200)
  • 4-Door Hardtop: $30,550 ($5,300)
  • Cabriolet: $34,650 ($5,400)
  • Strawberry: $35,350 ($4,600)
  • Countryman: $35,800 ($5,350)
  • JCW: $38,650 ($4,900)

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