To improve performance, power reserve, battery life and safety of commercial electric vehicle (EV), Company Modine Manufacturing announced the general availability of its package EVantage Thermal control systems for commercial EV chassis. Using more than 100 years of experience in thermal energy, Modine manufactures complete EV thermal control systems that regulate battery, traction motor and power electronics temperatures in optimal ranges under all operating conditions and are customizable for chassis of any size. The first two EVantage heat management systems introduced today include:

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  • The EVantage Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) gives customers complete control over battery temperature in all conditions, from a hot summer day to an icy winter morning. Thanks to multi-stage cooling and heating, EVantage BTMS optimizes the temperature range for the entire battery bank with a single unit, minimizing energy consumption.
  • The EVantage Electronics Cooling Package (ECP) keeps the traction motor and power electronics cool for all loads. This complete solution is designed to maintain the optimum fluid temperature for traction motors and power electronics circuits using multi-zone cooling. EVantage ECP is designed to specifications, with small and large arrays of fans operating only when required to minimize power consumption.

With the new EVantage BTMS and ECP Modine provides a complete thermal solution for its commercial, specialty and custom-built EV customers, allowing its customers to focus their own engineering resources on other value-added activities. The compact form factors compact EVantage kit, combining the latest patented Modine heat exchanger technology and individual smart electronic products, maximizes cooling while minimizing energy consumption. By controlling the thermal conditions while charging and operating the vehicle, thermal solutions improve commercial performance, durability and safety. Thanks to its own design to minimize power consumption during heating and cooling, the EVantage kit also expands the range of commercial EVs. EVantage Thermal Management Systems are designed to operate as complete plug and play systems that are controlled via the Controller Area Network (CAN) communication bus, and include a pre-programmed master controller for automated operation.

“Since our first radiator system for the T model in 1927, Modine has introduced heat transfer technology to the transportation industry. As the commercial vehicle market shifts to electrification, Modine is once again at the forefront of performance and safety while increasing service life and power reserve, ”said Gina Bonini, vice president and general manager of advanced thermal systems at Modine. “By meeting our customers’ ever-evolving heat load and environmental requirements, EVantage solutions provide the best performance for batteries and power electronics, while providing safer commercial EVs through intelligent thermal control while charging and operating the vehicle.”

Modine thermal control products are particularly suitable for transit buses, zero-emission buses and school buses, special vehicles and trucks, including vans used for last-mile delivery. Customers have the opportunity to choose between standard systems or specially designed solutions that meet specific cooling needs and space constraints. Modine systems are manufactured, tested and designed to withstand harsh conditions and are durable for use with high vibration. Modine uses its state-of-the-art tools and decades of experience testing car components to ensure that customers can be confident in the performance and durability of Modine products.

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