The internet landscape is evolving. It began in November 2022 with the release of ChatGPT. Why visit websites when an easy-to-use chatbot can give you all the details?

As artificial intelligence becomes more integrated into our apps, expect websites to continue to adapt or fade away. But websites aren’t obsolete yet—I have some great ones to share. Check them out, and you might find a few favorites of your own.

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CamelCamelCamel: A must for Amazon shoppers. Track prices, view price history, and set price-drop alerts to catch genuine sales.

Futurepedia: Dive into this extensive library of AI tools, whether you’re exploring AI for business or just curious. Search by name, category, or use case.

Radio Garden: An interactive map to tune into live radio stations worldwide. Perfect for radio enthusiasts and you might stumble upon my show!

Google Arts & Culture: Places: Tour museum collections and explore high-resolution photos and artwork from cultural institutions around the globe.

PlugShare: A map of EV and Tesla charging stations globally. Plan your route with charging points from start to destination.

Honey: Save money with this browser extension that automatically applies promo codes and alerts you to price drops.

KTool: Send articles, X threads, and newsletters directly to your Kindle for distraction-free reading.

Campflare, CampScanner, and Get notified of canceled camping reservations to snag a spot under the stars.

SeniorLiving: Discover discounts for older adults on groceries, dining, and more starting as early as age 50.

AntennaWeb: Find out what free broadcast channels are available in your area if you’re considering canceling streaming subscriptions.

Social Security Administration: Estimate your Social Security benefits and view your earnings record by creating an account on the official site.

Ultimate Book List: Browse book recommendations from celebrities like Elon Musk, Taylor Swift, and Gretchen Rubin.

SwipeWell: Explore successful landing pages, online courses, and more for marketing inspiration.

Coolors: Generate color schemes instantly for any project with just a click on the spacebar.

Perplexity AI: An alternative to ChatGPT and Poe AI for exploring advanced AI interactions without committing to a monthly fee right away.

Remember, try out any chatbot for at least a month before subscribing to ensure it meets your needs.