Bag and luggage brand from Vancouver Manas was launched in 2018 and has since started selling suitcases, accessories and clothing with contemporary designs in the Canadian and US markets. Like the Away, its design is simple yet practical and emphasizes quality at an affordable price. In the former head to head reviewhowever, who encountered two similar Away and Monos products against each other, we found the Monos to be the best value for both the way the Monos splits its interior and how much stronger its telescoping handle feels.

The review highlighted Monos’ commitment to quality products (at an even more affordable price than Away). However, this review focused on one of the brand’s cheaper designs: the Manual laying Pro, part of the main line, which includes four versions of hand luggage and two different sizes of checked luggage. However, there is another bunker under the Monos umbrella: the Hybrid collection.

The line started with st Hybrid hand luggage and Hybrid Carry-On Plus, but Monos is adding three new sizes to this corner of its catalog: Check-In Medium, Check-In Large, and Trunk. They balance out the hybrid section by offering capacious alternatives to more compact carry-ons while remaining just as tough.

You see, the Monos Hybrid line combines the best of aluminum and polycarbonate suitcases to create a hybrid—hence the name—that’s lightweight yet incredibly durable. The hybrid suitcases are constructed with a non-zip aluminum frame, reinforced aluminum corner guards, puncture-resistant polycarbonate shells and tonal components. They all come with the aforementioned extra-durable telescoping handle and two TSA-approved locks. Additionally, they have four wheels instead of two like most modern suitcases and come in three colors: obsidian (black), champagne (gold) and silver.

The Check-In Medium and Check-In Large are simply an expansion to the new sizes – a step up from the pair of carry-ons they previously sold. However, the trunk is an exploration of a new form, something more vertical to safely carry tall boots, bottles, unfolded suits or a tall stack of shirts. It’s a form you don’t see often, if at all, anymore, and it stands out, so it will be interesting to see if it sticks around, especially since a lot of our squad baggage is being built in much the same way now.

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