Fluidfreeride from Miami, one of the leading distributors of electric scooters in the US, has just released its latest model of electric scooter. The Kamar designed as a lightweight and portable electric scooter for urban travelers, but still has surprisingly good performance and features despite its minimalist design.

For starters, the impressive performance characteristics don’t seem to match the fairly light design of 29 pounds (13 kg). Most light electric scooters have difficulty achieving these figures.

A top speed of 25 mph (40 km / h) is available directly from the box from a 500 W and 700 W continuous power motor. For more experienced riders the scooter can be unlocked to accelerate just over 27-28 mph (45 km / h).

Commenting on speed, Fluidfreeride founder Julian Fernau explained that the scooter is still a good setup for novice riders, even if performance is focused on attracting more experienced riders:

Is it good for beginners? I would say yes, but we encourage you to start slow. 25 miles per hour can be very fast and you need to develop a little skill to drive a scooter at such high speeds.

The 48V and 9.6 Ah batteries offer a 461W / h battery, which is also much larger than most other light electric scooters.

In fact, it is a container that you will usually find larger and heavier electric bikes.

Fernau shared real range figures based on different riding styles and weights:

We tested it with a 160-pound racer, and this man was able to drive 22 miles at speed 3 at a relatively constant speed of 15 or 16 miles per hour. The same racer was able to drive 19 miles at level 4 at a speed of about 19 miles per hour. We also really tested it with a 240-pound racer who rode on it as fast and aggressively as he could at full speed, and he drove 11 to 12 miles, which I think is still very impressive at such a high weight given that this scooter is actually designed for shorter trips.

The scooter is designed for city passengers and therefore consists of a small package. For quick carrying the scooter can be folded and carried with one hand using a balanced carrying handle on the stem. For storage in a tighter place the steering wheel is also tilted to make the scooter even narrower.

Another sign for urban convenience is solid rubber tires to avoid the possibility of skipping tires.

Solid rubber tires usually create a rougher ride, but the Mosquito has both front and rear suspension to smooth out bumps and compensate for these stiffer tires.

The drum brake provides good braking in any weather that does not fade when wet, like a disc brake, and remains airtight and requires no maintenance. Drum brakes may seem like old technology, though they are becoming more common in the industry for their unique benefits.

The scooter also includes regenerative braking and a rear brake for three different braking options.

The scooter’s color display can be used to include features such as zero start (does not require a push to activate the throttle) as well as cruise control, although both of these features are disabled by default so as not to surprise new and inexperienced riders.

The scooter is carrying The advertising difference is $ 999 and comes with a 12-month warranty, but a special launch launch held today will see the scooter priced at $ 899 with an even bigger warranty.

As Fern explained:

Because we are so confident in the quality and durability of this scooter, we are going to give an extra year warranty on launch.

Electric take

It’s a pretty amazing combination of lightweight design, high performance and low cost.

I think Fluidfreeride really did that.

It seems that Fernau will “understand” when it comes to performance. Compared to all the weak light entry-level scooters in the $ 400 to $ 600 range, higher power scooters are just more fun for experienced riders, plus they often make riders feel safer by being able to keep up with traffic.

As Fern explained:

Once you’re used to a car with more power, you won’t be able to go back to speeds of just 15 miles per hour. We believe the Mosquito is the perfect solution for those who already have a powerful scooter and need something smaller, more agile and more portable for the environment.

It makes sense to me!

The only caveat is that you really have to be careful driving fast on these little wheels, but experienced riders are used to such hassles.

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