Beaubier is back to announce the best result in his Moto2 4th career and 0.1 sec off the podium!

Profitable Le Mans for the American racing team, as Cameron Bobby claims his best career in Moto2 finished in 4th place, and rookie Sean Dylan Kelly continues to improve and finish in 20th.

It was a steady start to the weekend for Cam as he struggled with bike tuning throughout Friday, and seems ready to make his way through the first quarter, but a strong last workout boosted the Californian’s combined timings and secured him a direct place in the second quarter and 17th. networks.

After Sam Lowes was declared unfit, Cam got 16th place to take seven places and jump to 9th by the end of the first lap when he started his attack on the podium. Taking advantage of the accidents of Alonso Lopez, Alberto Arenas and Pedro Acosta, Cam took 3rd place on the podium, and Aaron Canet was firmly in sight, but Somkiat Chantra rushed to his rear wheel. With 12 laps left, the 29-year-old’s mistake allowed Chantra to take 3rd place before the Thai rider pushed Kane wide and opened the door for Cam to take his place again. The trio battled for the rest of the podium until the final lap when Cam nearly missed out and finished the race 4th, his best race result to date.

Faced with another new track, Sean used training to gather as much time and data as possible before Saturday’s qualifying. A crash in the first quarter on his flying wheel prevented Sean from improving during the first run. He started Sunday’s race on the 29th. Still trying to gain as much experience on the track as possible, the 19-year-old rookie was steadily making his way through the pack, finishing nine in 20th place as he tried to get closer to Alessandro Zaccone ahead. There were only seven laps left, and Sean passed with suspicion of a mechanical malfunction, but after a quick analysis and no problems were found, he quickly rejoined the race to see the checkered flag on the 20th.

Cameron Bobby (6) fights with Aaron Canet (40) for a place on the podium in Le Mans. Photo courtesy of American Racing Team.

Cam Beaubier – № 6

“I couldn’t ask for more from today, starting with what we did. I felt really good on the bike and was able to get up. I was quite comfortable sitting behind Kane until the last six laps or so, and then I had to drive along the torn edge to stay with a heavy grip. The podium would be awesome for the team, but I’m thrilled with the way I skated and we’ll keep fighting! ”

Sean Dylan Kelly (4).  Photo courtesy of American Racing Team.
Sean Dylan Kelly (4). Photo courtesy of American Racing Team.

Sean Dylan Kelly – № 4

“Overall, for me it was a difficult weekend. It was another new track, and honestly, it was really nice to go there and learn. I really enjoyed the track, but I struggled to set the pace all weekend and we chased after some things, but it’s good that I knew what I would have to work on throughout the track, such as in some high-risk areas , for example, in turns that I need to pick up pace and keep working. In general, the race itself went pretty well in the beginning, I started well, took a few positions and fought with some guys, but we immediately had problems with the bike, and I had to go out for a drink because it was hard to ride. It turned out that this was not the problem I was thinking about and we decided to get to the finish line. It wasn’t perfect, but we got to the flag again after some obviously tough conditions that were obvious when so many riders were falling. All in all, another weekend to pick things up and I know what to work on and I’m looking forward to going to Mugel’s and getting the most out of it. ”

John Hopkins is the sporting director

“As for this weekend, I’m very excited that Cam has finally finished with the result he deserved throughout the season. If he was on the podium in the races where he was supposed to, in my opinion, he would definitely be second or third, but the good thing is that he just finished, that’s what he needed for his head, the team and his confidence and it was amazing. It was a tough weekend, he felt unable to rest. Luckily for the team, I’ve experienced this a lot throughout my career and I know that feeling, but I told him yesterday after “Man, I can assure you if you really believe and you ride the way you can, you you can finish in the top 5 and of course he rode amazingly. that Mugel may be on the podium, and he will be on the podium many times this season.

For Sean, it was a tough weekend around. It’s hard because he still needs to explore the trails, the bike, and he doesn’t have much time for that. His confidence has diminished a bit since the start of the season and he is still constantly trying to recover and get on the road, but it’s a tough class; they are the best riders in the world who have ridden these bikes and on these tracks for a long time, it has always been difficult. But it’s time to start getting lost. Positively, this weekend we’ve worked out some things we need to work on – in terms of training – and before that next week before Mugel; things he can do off the track that I think will improve and help him along the way, but we will continue to pursue, and if anyone can do it, it’s Sean. I have never met a young man like him with such determination and motivation. If there’s a rider who can do that and bridge that gap, I believe Sean is one of those guys. We will continue to press. The team looks good, we bright headed to Mugello. It’s unfortunate that Cam was able to finish in the top 5 all year, but it’s a race. “

Read more from a press release published by Italtrans Racing:

A great race for the return of Joe Roberts and Lorenzo Dal Porto in Le Mans

The weekend of the French Grand Prix ends with a sweet taste for the Italtrans Racing Team, both riders – the authors of a wonderful return race.

On the Le Mans track, which hosted the sixth round of the MotoGP World Championship, Joe Roberts and Lorenzo Dal Porto finished with points.

Determining his best qualifying session, Dala Porta started 15th on the net, but in the first round lost position. 25th place at the end of the 1st lap Tuscan racer returned to the masterpiece thanks to a stable pace, again taking 12th place by points.

A positive race for Roberts too. Starting with P25 after a tough qualifying session, by the end of the first round he had already regained 10 positions and reached the top 15. He kept a steady pace throughout the race, finishing 7th. Having scored 9 points today, he ranks 6th overall, 3 points behind the top five.

Now a short break before the expected home Grand Prix at Mugello.

Lorenzo Dala Porta (19).  Photo courtesy of Italtrans Racing.
Lorenzo Dala Porta (19). Photo courtesy of Italtrans Racing.

Lorenzo Dala Porta № 19


“I lost a lot of positions in the action of the first round. The pace was very good and I managed to play well, finishing close to the top ten. It was insulting because we could fight for the top five. We look forward to Mugel. “

Joe Roberts (16) finished 25th in qualifying for seventh place at the finish of the Moto2 race in Le Mans.  Photo courtesy of Italtrans Racing.
Joe Roberts (16) finished 25th in qualifying for seventh place at the finish of the Moto2 race in Le Mans. Photo courtesy of Italtrans Racing.

Joe Roberts № 16


“It’s a tough weekend for us. I don’t know why we didn’t have speed this weekend, but we’ll figure it out. We were glad that we could save the 7th place from the 25th ”.

Franco Bruniar, crew chief of Lorenzo Dal Porto

“It’s a shame because Lorenzo can finish in the top ten. He kept a high pace throughout the race, making a good comeback. We hope to make up for it at Mugello. ”

Giovanni Sandy, crew leader Joe Roberts

“Joe’s good race with a great comeback. There is still regret about the qualification, because starting from another position, we would have finished in first place. However, he once again demonstrated his qualities, finishing with good points in the standings. “

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