ATTENTION: Includes graphic image.

Danilo Petrucci was injured when he crashed at 174 miles per hour after taking the checkered flag at the end of the second race of the MotoAmerica Medallia Superbike Race 2 on May 22 at VIRginia International Raceway.

Petrucci tried to overtake Matthew Scholz of Westby Racing Yamaha for second place in the final race with the checkered flag, but missed 0.020 seconds and crossed the finish line third.

It wasn’t filmed by the camera, but a moment after crossing the finish line at 174 mph Petrucci tweaked the front of his Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati NYC Panigale V4 R and slipped for a long time and collapsed next to the front just before the first turn. .

Petrucci’s video report showed him moving away from the crash site, but he missed the podium ceremony and instead went to the track’s medical center for help.

An official press release after the race, published by Ducati North America, made no mention of Petrucci’s accident or injury, but on Sunday night the Italian rider posted the following in his Instagram feed.

“Just to inform you, I crashed at 280 km / h below the finish line, which is at the corner of sixth gear, so as not to touch another rider. I suffered three sponsor marks on my body, multiple burns, multiple hematomas and a deep cut on my ankle with five stitches. I swept over 100 meters, perhaps one of the worst disasters of my career. And I lay there for more than two minutes without assistance, I hear bicycles passing by me, until I got up and went alone to the emergency room. “

A screenshot of Danilo Petrucci’s Instagram post showing some of his injuries.

Attempts by to contact Petrucci were unsuccessful.

Cameron Petersen of Yamaha’s Fresh N Lean Progressive, who crossed the finish line 1.5 seconds after Petrucci, noticed the incident.

“I realized this at the very top of my vision,” Petersen told “I think what happened is that Petrucci was so close to Mattie [Scholtz] if the outside goes at that speed, I think the outside of the track has climbed much faster than he expected. At this point we are driving at 175-180 miles per hour and I think the outside of the track has climbed much faster than he expected.

“Honestly, Mattie didn’t do anything wrong. He held his line. It’s not like he swerved, didn’t run away, or anything else. I think Petrucci, who was outside, got up so quickly and he tried to give it a little more incline and eventually pushed the front. There’s a little drop [change in track elevation] and the wind blew from the side. I don’t think the combination of all these things helped him. “

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