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Again that time of year. Spring begins spring, snow, slush, salt slowly disappear from the roads, and our itchy throttle hand begins to twitch. That’s right – the motorcycle season is approaching! We want to go out and feel the wind in your face. Unfortunately, last year’s helmet is becoming quite popular, and it’s time to move on to a new cover. So, we have compiled this list of motorcycle helmets that we will be happy with in 2022.

We now realize that most of these helmets are not “22nd year novelties”. However, these are the latest models we haven’t tried yet and we’re excited to get our hands on them. They are all available now at RevZilla, which riders recognize as the best place to buy a new one motorcycle gear. And most of them – RZ Staff Picks – that means real riders (and a lot of respected motorcycle journalists) have tested and recommended them.

If you are looking for a new motorcycle helmet for 2022, start here.

Great motorcycle toys for all ages

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The best high technology for communication with helmets

The Neotec 2 modular travel helmet has always been a favorite, and now Shoei has developed this latest version to integrate with Sena SRL communication system, for trouble-free installation and comfortable feeling. Oval in shape for comfort and wind tunnel testing, the built-in spoiler has been modified to reduce lift and drag, and the air deflector along the chin bar adds stability.


Best for street bikes

The Strada II Primo Americana, updated with a lower profile for a more streamlined approach, has three different body sizes – XS-S, ML and L-3XL – for a more personalized, low-profile fit. Ventilation is excellent, as several inlets direct fresh air, and the exhaust draws stagnant air. This is a phenomenal price for a helmet with the highest rating.


Best for ADV and Off-Road

Made for ADV riding, but the removable peak means it’s also perfect for traffic. A long bar for the chin provides an extended visor that increases the field of view and peripheral vision in a geometric progression. It can mean the difference between life and death. The XD-4 is available in six flat colors, which we appreciate – no banal graphics required.


Best for daily rides and trips

Of course, not every rider wants to spend $ 500 or more on a helmet. But cheap fakes can make you unsure of the saddle, always wondering if your helmet will save your skull in the event of an accident. This is not a way to drive. For everyday use for most riders the HJC i90 is the perfect choice. It is aerodynamic, lightweight and comes in five colors and nine sizes from XS to 5XL. Don’t skimp – drive confidently and confidently.


The best modular helmet

The Scorpion EXO-AT950 Ellwood has huge sunglasses, an internal sun visor, a quick-absorbing liner and an electric fog shield. It also has pockets for your communication speakers. In addition, it is versatile; The peak visor is removable for interstate highways, but you can leave it when you hit the track. Best of all, it is much smaller in weight than it seems. Available in sizes up to 3XL.


Best for racing and athletics days

If you drive on the track regularly, you know that proper transmission is important for speed and safety. The aerodynamic lightweight helmet can reduce the precious seconds of your time on the wheel, and the Pista GP RR Carbon Iridium is designed for an aggressive, seasoned driving position. It provides the highest level of protection, even from shocks that cause rotational motion.


The best helmet

One of the pleasures of cruising, for example, Indian or Harley, is to feel connected to the environment, not in a hurry, but just to enjoy the environment in which you ride. That’s when the helmet really shines, allowing you to feel the wind on your face, smell freshly cut grass or sea air and just enjoy the bike. Pit Boss is a great choice.


The best street style

The most popular among “club style” riders these days is The Simpsons Bandit, full face helmet with a gloomy look inspired by dragging to match. Mod Bandit takes this outlaw style and mixes it with touring amenities; you will look bad, but no one should know how cozy, comfortable and well connected you are there.

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