Celebrate with us the R 18 cruisers during the 3rd day of The Great Getaway with BMW Motorrad. (Hermann Köpf /)

Motorcyclists who want to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle will appreciate the BMW Motorrad The Great Getaway Tour. This all-inclusive motorcycle tour allows adventure riders to try BMW R 18 on a leisurely cruise through some of the best parts of the Costa Rican isthmus.

After a fun couple of days in the saddle during Motorcycle tour “Great Holiday” from BMW, day 1 – 2022 and Motorcycle tour “Great Holiday” from BMW, day 2 – 2022we set off from the coastal town of Las Catalinas at the western end and headed inland, into the lush tropical mountains.

Colder weather and bright tropical landscapes greeted us as we made our way to Arenal Volcano National Park. But the words do not give due beauty to the country; see and hear for yourself what this 115-kilometer third day tour was like in this video.

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