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MV Agusta traces its roots to a northern Italian aircraft company founded in 1923 by Sicilian Count Giovanni Agusta, who designed and built his first aircraft in 1907. After his death in 1927, his son Domenico expanded the company into motorcycles.

During the Second World War, the aircraft construction business actively developed in Italy, which held on to the Axis powers. Both BMW and Piaggio also developed and produced aircraft (as did Kawasaki), but the agreement that ended the war prohibited Italy and Japan from continuing their aeronautical programs, which meant that all aircraft defense potential would be redirected to motorcycles.

So the Allies won the war, but the Axis powers made all the best motorcycles…

The Phoenix Continues to Rise by Sam K. Fleming.

The Meccanica Verghera Agusta brand and the first MV 98 motorcycle were born in 1945, the year the Second World War ended. Now, 77 years later, Sam K. Fleming takes a tour of the factory where MV Agusta still builds its iconic fast, distinctive and beautiful motorcycles. Read (and watch) the process – it’s in the latest print edition The world of road racing!

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