N2 Track Days announces Airfence 2022 fundraiser

Media, Pennsylvania – May 2022 – N2 Track Days is proud to announce that Airfence’s 2022 fundraiser for the World Roadracing Action Fund (RWAF) will take place on Saturday, June 18 at the Pittsburgh International Racing Complex (aka PittRace). Fundraising will be held on Saturday night in the midst of a two-day track-day event both in person and online. N2 Track Days has been running these fundraising events since 2014, and they have been wildly successful, raising more than $ 114,000 to purchase Airfence’s soft rescue barriers. We are now looking for partners, companies, sponsors and individuals who want to donate products and services to the auction.

N2 CEO Jim Curtis explains: “The World Roadracing Action Fund has been helping to improve the safety of riders for decades, and we are excited to be a part of that. These efforts are a way to unite the two-wheeler community, raise awareness and directly contribute to the safety of riders through the purchase of Airfence. These fundraising events are not only designed to promote and enhance the safety of riders, they are also an opportunity to honor the memory of friends and family we have lost. ”

The Roadracing World Action Fund is a non-profit organization 501 (c) 3 that has helped inform organizations, tracks, riders and the general public about the importance of using soft barriers on racetracks to improve the safety of riders as well as recreational users. on the days of athletics and in riding schools. As part of this educational program, RWAF raises funds to facilitate the deployment of soft barriers.

Racing tracks used for motorcycles require a greater degree of safety compared to those supported only by cars. For example, caterpillars, which are essentially suitable for motorcycles, have larger sections of runoff and a small number of solid barriers. These areas are often fenced off with forms of gravel traps that help reduce the speed of moving vehicles. This, in turn, helps prevent collisions with solid barriers such as tire walls, Armco steel barriers, etc. As you can imagine, hitting any such barriers on a motorcycle can result in serious injury or death.

While the best way to maintain maximum safety is to not have walls and excess drains in all places, sometimes this is not possible. To improve these areas and make them safer, soft barriers (modular, pre-inflated airbags) are deployed in front of hard barriers that cannot otherwise be moved. Deploying soft barriers saved many lives and prevented many injuries.

The online auction will begin the week before event N2 on June 18-19 on PittRace, and bidding ends at 8pm (EDT) on Saturday, June 18, during the post-event gathering. The auction will be held online again.

If you or your company would like to donate items, services or memorabilia to auction for this amazing cause, please contact Chip Spaulding at [email protected]

Additional details and auction items will be announced from next week.

About N2:

N2 – ride, race, study.

N2’s mission, founded in 2014, is to build a sustainable motorcycle community through safe, structured motorcycle days, advanced racer training programs based on Yamaha Champions Riding School training methods, with a strong commitment to motorcycle racing. N2 has successfully resurrected motorcycle endurance races in America by partnering with WERA Roadracing and creating the N2 / WERA National Endurance Series from Dunlop. The N2 is a major participant in the MotoAmerica Pro Racing Series with a team of multiple riders competing in multiple classes. N2 is also a major contributor to the Roadracing World Action Fund through fundraising and support efforts from its large membership base.

N2 Track Days is proudly sponsored by: Dunlop Motorcycle Tire, Yamaha Motor Corporation USA, Dainese, KYT Helmets USA, Armor Bodies, Chicken Hawk Racing, Impact SafeT Armor, Renthal, Woodcraft, WERA Road Racing, Innovative Motorsports, REB Graphics, Rise Moto, Ghetto Customs, JE Pistons, Wiseco Pistons, Yamaha Power Products, Boxo USA and Yamaha Champions Riding School.


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