Nakagami suffered lacerations to the fourth and fifth fingers of his right hand as a result of a collision with Mark Marquez at the Aragon Grand Prix last weekend.

Having undergone treatment on Monday before arriving at the home stage at Mategi for a spin, Nakagami was less than four-tenths off the best pace in FP1 in 12th.

But speaking about his gruesome injuries, Nakagami admits he is unsure whether he will be able to complete the race distance on Sunday and will be re-tested after qualifying.

“The doctor says I’ve lost 20% of the tendon in my fourth toe and more than 60% in my fifth,” he said.

“So the fifth finger is the most damaged. The good thing is that we don’t need a skin graft.

“okay [the wound] completely open but the doctor can close my skin. It looks really bad, it’s not pretty.

“Blood is coming out, both during the day and after the session, it looks pretty bad. So I need to check again.”

When asked what procedures he did on his hand, Nakagami added: “Today we tried to put a thin tape because if it’s bigger [like the bandage] I can’t wear gloves.

Takaaki Nakagami, LCR Honda Team

Photo: Gold and Goose / Images of motor sports

“It’s really difficult because I have to use a lot, but we have to defend.

“It is very difficult to understand which one to take. So after a session I have to protect myself more, try not to move and try to rest.

“The gloves have been modified to make them a bit bigger and stiffer. It was pretty good, so we’ll see tomorrow.

“During the session and after it [the glove] was full. Blood flows easily.

“This [race distance] this is a question mark for me.

“It was one hour and 15 minutes today, but it was pretty short runs and I think five outs.

“It’s good that we were able to improve, but the question is in the long term. For the race distance, at the moment I am not comfortable.

“It’s important how we can maintain consistency and power, and this track is really hard physically. I can’t say anything because at the moment I don’t [I can’t do race distance].”

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