On Tuesday, NASCAR dismissed crew leader Hailey Trent Owens and crew members John Patrick Keeley and Marshall McFadden for the next four races, including an all-star race this weekend on Texas Motor Speedway.

On the 39th lap of the race last Sunday on the Kansas track in the 31st Chevrolet Hailey weakened the left rear wheel.

The rule is violated: “Subsections Loss or separation of an incorrectly installed tire / wheel from a vehicle”.

This season, NASCAR has rejected eight different teams nine times for weakening the wheels during the Cup Series races.

Hailey’s team is the first repeat offender of the season. № 31 lost the wheel during the opening season of the Daytona 500, resulting in three crew members serving a four-week disqualification.

NASCAR has switched to single-nut central locking wheels for the 2022 season.

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