Shanghai (Gazgu) – In the New Energy Vehicle Industry (NEV) in Shanghai’s Lin-gang Special Zone, where the Tesla Shanghai Gig Factory is located, overall capacity utilization has recovered to nearly 46% as of May 16, Wu Xiaohua, Lin-Gang Special Zone. He stated this at a press conference on May 17.

Model 3; photo: Tesla

The capacity utilization rates of SAIC Motor and Tesla in this area reached 50% and 45% respectively, while the figure for subsidiaries in the automotive industrial chain rose on average to around 50%.

Meanwhile, the integrated circuit industry in the Ling Gang Special Zone, which includes major players such as ZINGSEMI and GTA Semiconductor, is operating at full capacity, while the high-end production domain has restored overall capacity utilization to around 50%.

As of May 16, 301 enterprises in the Ling-Gang Special Zone resumed operations, accounting for 95.6% of the total number of enterprises, Mr. Wu said. In addition, more than 51,000 employees have already returned to work, which is 69% of the total number of workers in the district.

Tesla partially resumed production at its plant in Shanghai on April 19. According to the China Automobile Association (CPCA), the American manufacturer EV released last month on Gigafactory 3 in one shift 10,757 cars. Since the restoration of the plant, Tesla has exported two batches of more than 8,000 electric vehicles.

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