We offer up to 3,000 square feet of layout for car and motorcycle enthusiasts

The NJMP has announced the expansion of Exotic Car Garage Development

Customize your dream garage with a view of Thunderbolt Raceway

The New Jersey Motorsport Park (NJMP) is pleased to announce that Phases VI and VII of its Exotic Car Garage development will begin in September 2022 and will be completed in January 2023. In addition to the 30 units sold during the first five phases, high demand among cars and motorcycles Enthusiasts of private garage condominiums overlooking the Thunderbolt Raceway NJMP track are encouraging expansion.

“Each unit is fully customized to the personal needs and tastes of its owner,” commented Brad Scott, president and chief technical officer of the NJMP. “The variety and creativity shown in each block is amazing – the owners are as enthusiastic about their garages as they are about their hobby of cars and bicycles!”

For the first time offering an option of 3,000 sq / ft, two new buildings of 7,500 sq / ft will continue development along the Thunderbolt Raceway towards the NJMP Club House and Finish Line Pub.

“It’s a community of people who share their love of motorsport,” added Al Phillips, owner of an exotic car garage and a member of the Drivers Club. “Exotic car garages allow you to have everything you need right on the track, and membership programs at the Drivers Club and Riders Club give many opportunities to enjoy two world-class tracks at the NJMP. My garage condominium is not only a home for my cars and workshops, but also a special place where you can entertain family, friends and business partners, as well as relax and unwind after a fun day on the track.

Racer and garage owner of exotic cars John Gotzmeier believes that owning a garage of exotic cars has taken his experience in motorsport to the next level. “Being close to more people and more activities than would have been possible otherwise has allowed me to participate in new clubs and activities that I really enjoy as a participant or casual observer.” He noted that his family and friends can also take part in the fun, be it for motorsport events or NJMP concerts, food trucks and other non-motorsport offerings. “My exotic garage condominium provides a convenient way for them to share the environment and amenities at NJMP.”

Each garage reflects the interests and passions of its owner, equipped with elevators, workshops and storage solutions; entertainment opportunities such as theaters, bars and kitchenettes, billiards and patios; practical amenities such as office space, bathrooms and laundry; or unique spaces to display collectibles and trophies. See what 2 Girls Racing has to say about their garage: 2 Girls Racing Exotic Car Garage Tour.

Those interested in learning more about stages VI and VII of the Exotic Car can contact Charita Giovanelli, a real estate salesperson at (856) 327-7248 or by email [email protected]. Refundable deposits for unit reserves are now accepted for stages VI and VII. And for those who don’t want to wait, the last two blocks of Phase V can now be closed until June 8, 2022 for immediate occupancy!


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