BeyonCa, a new startup headquartered in China with a design center in Germany and an AI development center in Singapore, led by former VW China boss and current Renault China CEO So Weiming, unveiled its first concept this weekend. With features that go beyond what’s expected of other cars, the company hopes to “set the standard for super-premium electric cars.”

“The BeyonCa GT Opus 1 truly stands for what BeyonCa stands for as we set out to define the super-premium smart electric vehicle segment,” said Weiming So, BeyonCa’s founder and chairman. “The result of our team’s work is the perfect combination of design, craftsmanship, comfort, sportiness and incredible experience.”

Designed by former Škoda and Bentley design chief Dirk van Brakel, the car will have a number of intriguing features. For example, sensors in the car will monitor the driver’s blood pressure and can trigger an alarm if a medical emergency occurs.

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If this happens, the car is designed to slow down and stop in the emergency lane, according to Coach. It will then have access to a doctor who will be able to monitor the driver and give them advice on what to do next via the infotainment system. According to So, who is also a supervisor Renault China.

The “smart” part is incredibly important in the definition super-premium EV space. Our philosophy is that technology exists to serve a purpose, but should not be an end in itself,” So said. “Most likely, we will consolidate and integrate advanced technologies and move from a feature-centric methodology to a scenario-centric methodology. BeyonCa will offer users meaningful products with built-in super-premium user experience where users will enjoy real value services in, around and beyond the car.”

In addition, the company promises that its vehicles will have access to a high degree of automation. To park the car, for example, the autonomous driving function will help Reuters.

The production version of the Gran Turismo Opus 1 will be based on a 130kWh battery pack and will feature an 800V architecture for high-speed charging. It will have both a cage-to-pack and cage-to-chassis design.

The company is backed by Renault and Dongfeng Motor, and production of the GT Opus 1 is expected to begin in 2023, with deliveries beginning the following year. The price is estimated to be around 1 million yuan (US$136,931 at the current exchange rate). The serial version of the car will debut at St Shanghai Motor Show 2023.

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