Is a trip for life impossible on a three-day weekend? Do you need to retire to have the time and money to go on an epic adventure? These are the myths that Mosko Moto was going to debunk in its new series of videos called “ADV Weekend”.

The main goal of the series is to demonstrate how you can create your own mini-adventures in amazing places wherever you live. “We wanted to show that time, money, equipment and experience are not real excuses to stay away … and that you can travel a lifetime in just seventy-two hours.” – says Spencer Hill from Mosko Moto, who came up with the idea for the project. “Time is only a limiting factor if you allow it.”

Not everyone is happy with the endless miles of unobstructed access to the trail and the inspiring scenery in their own backyard. But with air travel you can get to some pretty cool places in a matter of hours, get a few days of renting and return to work after just one or two days of vacation. According to the Oregon Luggage and Clothing Brand, “it’s a whirlwind weekend for those who want to experience an adventure ride to the fullest without shying away from real responsibilities.”

Mosko Moto ADV Weekend video series

In this first episode, the Mosko team travels to Arizona, where it meets with the crew MotoDiscovery – a popular bicycle rental tour and excursion area. After Mosko riders set up a pair of fully stocked (with Mosko bags, of course) Yamaha T7, MotoDiscovery CEO Michael Bialecki continues to show the band some of the best tracks available in the state (including trail sections). AZBDR) over the next few days on a 400+ mile loop route from Phoenix.

Mosko Moto ADV Weekend video series

While the film just scratches the surface at incredible skiing opportunities in Grand Canyon, wide views of the red cliffs, smooth dirt trails, cactus passes, tranquil camping sites, frosty night temperatures and “gourmet” food at camp. make for an unforgettable weekend adventure. And for most of us, two or three days of off-road exploration is more than enough to fix the adventure – not coming home, feeling like you’ve just run an ultramarathon.

Mosko Moto ADV Weekend video series

Still ahead

If this first episode wasn’t enough evidence that epic adventures can be crammed into weekend-sized packages, Mosko Moto plans to continue to express its views on future trips through Utah (next episode), Washington, Colorado and Southern California. The next episode of the series will be out soon, so make sure you follow Mosko Moto YouTube channel to get more inspiration ADV Weekend!

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