After an impressive performance on his F1 debut in September Grand Prix of ItalyNick de Vries has signed with AlphaTauri for the 2023 season, the team announced on Saturday.

He replaces Pierre Gasly, who is due to join Alpien next season. Gasly will replace Fernando Alonso at Alpine and has signed a multi-year contract with the team. Alonso heads to Aston Martin next season as a substitute Sebastian Vettel retires.

Pierre Gasly

Next season, current driver Yuki Tsunoda will join de Vries in the feeder team Red Bull Racing.

De Vries is a talented driver who has already become the world champion in Formula E, winning the title in the 2020-21 season with Mercedes-Benz. He also holds the 2019 Formula 2 title as well as the 2010 and 2011 karting titles.

At the recent Italian Grand Prix, where he filled in for Williams driver Alex Albon, who was sidelined with appendicitis, he managed to score two points ahead of Williams’ Nicolas Latifi, who had zero points at the time. with most of the season behind us. Latifi will leave Williams and probably F1 after 2022.

Daniel Ricardo

Daniel Ricardo

Daniel Ricciardo will also leave Formula 1 after 2022, after failing to find a place afterwards termination of the current contract with McLaren. However, he said during last weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix that he is focused on returning to F1 in 2024, reports Reuters.

Ricciardo previously raced with Alpine when it was still Renault. There were rumors that he could return to the team, but those chances disappeared with the signing of Gasly. Ricciardo joined McLaren in 2021, replacing Carlos Sainz at Ferrari, and won one race with the team, leading by one or two points at the 2021 Italian Grand Prix. But he has largely struggled to match teammate Land Norris’ pace this season. Oscar Piastre confirmed to replace Ricciardo at McLaren next season.

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