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The Moor wins a three-way battle in Race 2

The Hungarian comes out on top with the last lap to defeat Masili

Rossi Moore (FAIRIUM Next Generation Riders Team) scored his second victory of the season on the last lap, bypassing teammate Matteo Masili and managed to keep the door closed on the line. Dustin Schneider (Goblin Racing), who was the fastest in on-site testing, completed the podium when the top three escaped the podium.

Because of the line it was the Moor who got the hole, and the Hungarian soon broke out of the pack, along with Masili and Schneider. However, in the beginning there was a drama when Noah Kuipers (Junior of the Black Knights) took off, leaving Tibar Varga (Forty Races) to go nowhere, and several other riders dodged or knocked out. But all is well, and Loris Veneman (TeamNL Open Line) faces a fight back to the front.

After the dust settled, race winner 1 Lennox Fommar (Fommar’s Team) finished fourth in the top three before a big group fight for last place in the top five. But then the Swiss rider slipped away, leaving one three-way fight for the win. And, as always, went down to the last lap.

Massili started this last lap in the lead, and the Italian held firm until the end of the straight back, where the Moor made his move. The Hungarian also made it hold on, and for his teammate there was no going back, as the 92nd number won number two in his season. However, Masili was impressed by the finish on the podium in second place, as well as home racer Schneider, who took third place and his first podium.

Jürgen van Krugten (BB64 Academy) won the fight for fourth place, ahead of Le Mans winner Kevin Farkas (Agria Racing Team), and Rocco Sessler (MCA Racing) was only in the thousands. Martin Vinche (Chrobák Motorsport Egyesület), Luka Götlicher (JRP Junior Academy Team), Maxim Schmid (Schmid Team), Julius Cohen (HJRT – Helena und Julius Racing Team) and Killian Holzer (HK Racing) blocked the super-tight group until the 11th , with Veneman P12.

That’s all Oschersleben wrote, and now it’s time for the NTC to go to the Sachsenring in a month. Join us to get more, again with MotoGP ™!


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