Champagne is associated with all things luxurious, refined and French, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Bugatti, The highest class in France the automaker is one of the few car companies in the world with an “Official Champagne Partner.”

Founded in 2011, Champagne Carbon is a young brand with a long history. The brand was founded by Alexandre Meau, the fifth-generation heir to the Devavry wine-growing family, which was founded 11 years after Bugatti, in 1920.

The family originally set up shop in Champion, which is about 300 km (186 mi) east of Molsheim, which Bugatti calls home. Filled with the desire to create his own brand, Mea created a 15-hectare vineyard and sought to develop a carbon fiber sleeve for his bottles.

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He was so passionate about the champagne being bottled that Meau built himself a house in the vineyard to ensure he could be there and select only the best grapes from the Grand Cru and Premier Cru regions.

The fruit is hand-picked by a small team that includes the CEO himself. The resulting liquid is then stored in oak barrels, rather than the stainless steel vats of more commercial creators. This time in oak imbues the wine with rich flavors and subtle nuances that are not found in other wines.

After bottling, each wine must spend at least six years in the Carbon Cellar. All this results in a champagne with soft bubbles and a rich taste, which is in a bottle that requires at least 37 steps to assemble.

This leads to products like the recently announced ƎB.03, which is a Blanc de Blancs wine from the 2013 vintage. The blue and black bottle with an X motif pays homage to the recently announced the ultra-high-performance Bugatti Bolide.

Some bottles are even more complicated, as the 2021 La Bouteille NoireThe 2000 15-litre vintage was presented in a unique hand-crafted case that opened at the touch of a button and was laser-cut in aluminum to match the Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

Like Bugatti, Mea says Champagne Carbon is always looking for new challenges to honor its history and welcome the future. Bugatti, meanwhile, says the winemaker is sticking to its own vision of luxury.

“Champagne Carbon is a business that shares so many parallels with our own, from its centuries-old heritage and impressive house to its high emphasis on quality and excellence, regardless of complexity,” said Vibke Stoll, managing director of Bugatti International. “Over the four years of our partnership, we have seen some extraordinary vintage champagnes and unique bottles produced for Bugatti, and we continue to work together on new ways to share our shared passion for the very best.”

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