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AMG will always have a special place in my memory bank. As a novice video producer here Autoblog back in 2013 I was sent to an event called “The Best of AMG”. You fly to Los Angeles airport, get the keys to the AMG and drive to the Willow Springs racetrack to track any AMG model you want. In three days I got behind the wheel of many dream cars, part of the resistance of which was a winged seagull Black SLS AMG series. This is AMG does not come with track times, but comes with 603 horses under the hood as well as all taxes. Alternatively, you can save it.

Here are the specifications of the AMG in question, according to Omaze:

  • Maximum number of seats: 5
  • Engine: 4.0-L V8 biturbo with EQ Boost
  • Transmission: 9-speed automatic
  • Drive: AWD
  • Exterior color: TBD
  • Interior color: TBD
  • Maximum power: 603 hp
  • Maximum torque: 627 lb-ft
  • Top speed: 174 mph
  • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds
  • Fuel consumption: 15/19/16 city / highway / combined
  • Fuel capacity: 22.5 gallons
  • Features: AMG wheels, body, production exhaust, brakes with red calipers, steering wheel; 64-color ambient lighting; LED outdoor lighting; 12.3-inch multimedia touch screen with 3D view; Panoramic roof; Burmester sound system

Here’s what we thought of the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S when riding it:

“On paper, this is one of the most horrible cars I’ve ridden in recent months. On a snowy road where everything is packed for comfort, it’s a teddy bear. Our tester was equipped winter tires, and between them and standard all-wheel drive, you have as much control as you can ask for on a snowy road. What you decide to do with this power is up to you.

“Just want to ride on an ice and snow-covered street with lots of hills and bends and unpredictable surfaces hiding below? No problem. Want to go to an empty parking lot and have nothing to get around? Go crazy.

Whatever the GLE 63 S Coupe (depending on who you ask, a cropped family SUV, a trendy declaration or just an old abomination), it’s a car that offers almost as much horsepower as the latest-generation SRT Viper. These two vehicles will never be blocked; they don’t even belong in one sentence, let alone the same automotive niche.

“Unlike the aforementioned Mopar, which is an engine and steering wheel with metal and plastic wrapped around it in order to comply with state regulations, the GLE is, above all, a status symbol. In fact, the only thing that matters is that it has the kind of power you expect from a six-digit luxury car; the chances of whoever buys will take full advantage of these powers seem small. Even my snow-covered parking lot seems unlikely to its owners.

“But it’s not enough for the people of Stuttgart. Fortunately, technology has reached that four-door Mercedes CUV may have 603 horsepower and not be worthy of the title. The catch is that the very thing that makes this fusion of performance and obedience possible – a sophisticated all-wheel drive system, excellent tires and good computing power – usually contradicts what makes 600-plus horsepower fun to start with: a truly exciting experience. But if done right, as it was here in AMG GLE 63 S, it’s real fun.

“Machines like the GLE have become so smart that even their nannies won’t spoil all the fun. Sure, in comfort mode the GLE’s traction and stability control will intervene relatively quickly if something gets out of control (hard to do; it’s pretty manual in “C”), but in more sporty modes computers give you a lot more freedom. And even if you get their attention, you may not even notice. It’s not the abrupt on / off style approach that so many of us have led to old traction and stability control systems.

“But even if these systems stifle the participation we wanted in sports cars ten years ago, they have the opposite effect when it comes to cars like the GLE. Each gradual development in these systems gives us a little more untapped potential without a corresponding blow to civilization. Of course, you can push the supercharger Chevy Tahoe and surprise many people when the light turns green, but even under the best of circumstances this power will largely go to waste. What’s the point of all these muscles if you can’t harness them?

“It is the harness – the chassis, the advanced transmission, the adaptive transmission logic – that makes the GLE so sublime. Sure, the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged beast under the hood deserves its share, but you can do anything in this sports coupe with 603 horsepower, even if the temperature is 20 degrees and snow. Well, except to turn on the steering wheel heating.

You’re probably asking yourself what it takes to win? First of all, according to Omaze, “to participate in or win this draw, you do not need donations or payment.” $ 10 will give you 100 entries, while $ 50 will give you 1,000 entries and $ 100 will give you 2,000 entries.

The donations themselves benefit Imagine Justice, which Omaze describes as “An award-winning artist, the Common has focused its initiatives on impact at the intersection of art and activism as a way to advocate for criminal justice, public education, civic activism, mental health and well-being. At Imagine Justice, we aim to empower communities to address these issues through programs that bring about change through the power of art and creative self-expression. Imagine Justice was founded by the Common in 2018 and is funded by the Edward Charles Foundation. ”

If you want this monster with 600+ horsepower, and who wouldn’t want to, enter here. The deadline for applications is May 13, 2022.

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