(Left to right) Troy Blackwell, Marty Schoenthaler and Marty Fritz will continue to report to Kyle Bailey, NuVinAir’s CEO and founding partner.

Photo: NuVinAir

Dallas-based NuVinAir announced on Aug. 31 that it has expanded the roles of its leadership team. Troy Blackwell is Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. Marty Schonthaler is Chief Franchise Officer and Executive Vice President. Marty Fritz is Chief Administrative Officer and Senior Vice President.

With the expanded responsibilities, NuVinAir’s leadership team will help ensure the success of the company’s franchisees, as well as the products they sell, across the country.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have such talented and passionate leaders at the helm of our company, and for that reason it is a great honor to celebrate our leadership team,” said NuVinAir CEO and Founding Partner Kyle Bailey. “Far from being just an owned and operated company, we are extremely proud of these three key decision makers in determining the direction and growth of our organization and successfully positioning NuVinAir for continued expansion.”

NuVinAir recently announced a company expansion franchise program in 33 states. And earlier this month, NuVinAir announced an expansion of its product portfolio aimed at the car rental industry with “Return.”


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