Cadillac will become electric, and the brand has announced it 2023 Lyric will start at $ 62,990 when orders open May 19.

Deliveries are scheduled to begin this fall, months after Lyriq’s debut release. Special edition sold out in minutes and is heading to customers this summer. While buyers are waiting ahead, they will find two new exterior colors known as Opulent Blue Metallic and Crystal White Tricoat.

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As a refreshment Lyriq has a battery with a capacity of 100 kWh, and is located on the back of the electric motor, which develops 340 hp. (254 kW / 345 hp) and 440 Nm of torque. This setup gives the crossover a range, according to EPA estimates, of 312 miles (502 km) on a single charge.

While the Lyriq will initially be offered with rear-wheel drive all-wheel drive option enroll in early 2023 with a base price of $ 64,990. Cadillac will release additional details closer to launch, but the company has previously said the model will have two electric motors that produce a combined power of about 500 hp. (373 kW / 507 hp). All-wheel drive Lyriq will also be able to tow up to 3,500 pounds (1,588 kg).

Customers can choose a free public fee or a $ 1,500 loan to install a home

To give customers a “seamless charging experience,” buyers will be able to get two years of unlimited public charging at EVgo stations or get a loan of up to $ 1,500 that can be used to install a home charger through Qmerit. It can be applied to a “professional installation of a Level 2 charger or a 240 volt outlet” in the owner’s home.

The latter is probably the best option, and Cadillac will offer 11.5 and 19.2 kW home chargers. While the crossover comes standard with a dual-level charging cord that allows customers to charge their Lyriq from both 120- and 240-volt outlets, Cadillac noted that installing a 240-volt outlet or charger reduces “the time required to charge a discharged battery from 3 days to night.

In particular, a 19.2 kW charger can provide a range of up to 52 miles (84 km) per hour of charging. The crossover also supports 190 kW fast DC chargers, and they can provide a range of approximately 76 miles (122 km) in approximately 10 minutes.

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