The Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources unanimously decided America’s 2022 Camping Act this month. This law, useful to fans of the off-road and off-road vehicle industry (OHV), was introduced by committee chairman Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Senator John Baraso of Wyoming.

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“Respectful support for these bills shows us that the enthusiasm around our public lands and outdoor recreation is strong and growing,” Manchin said. “This bipartisan package will make it easier for citizens to access and enjoy our state lands, and to thrive our rural businesses focused on outdoor recreation. The last time the legislation on outdoor recreation of this size and scale was adopted in 1963. “

America’s Outdoor Recreation Act contains dozens of separate but related provisions aimed at expanding and expanding outdoor recreation opportunities in the federal states administered by the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Land Management Bureau, and the Land Reclamation Bureau. U.S. Department of Agriculture. Forest Service. These provisions range from streamlining permitting processes for guides operating in the federal states, to expanding broadband Internet connections in recreation areas and supporting public-private partnerships to expand parking. The legislation also aims to promote cooperation between federal agencies in working with communities struggling with an unprecedented surge in tourism. Nearly 300 million people visited national parks in 2021, up 60 million from the previous year.

“It’s a truly historic day for the U.S. outdoor recreation economy,” Baraso said. “This law, the first of its kind, is a monumental achievement for all who use our state lands and shared natural resources.”

“I don’t think our nation has seen the positive impact of outdoor recreation on the physical, mental and economic health of Americans in such a tangible way as we have over the past few years,” said Jessica Turner, president. Round table for outdoor recreation (ORR). “Now is the time to remind the nation and our elected officials how the outdoors and the leisure economy have helped us overcome the pandemic and how we can bring more people, communities and economies through accounts like the holiday package. We hope Americans continue to take to the streets to improve their lives and how status videonowadays we could all use a little less scale and a little more vroom ”.

According to ORR, the outdoor industry provides more than 4.3 million jobs nationwide and contributes $ 689 billion to the U.S. economy. And much of it comes from the power sports industry.

“Powersports businesses and enthusiasts should be happy with Congress recognizing the tremendous value of state lands,” said Scott Schlogel, senior vice president of the Office of Government Relations with the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC). “The MIC, the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association, and the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America are founding members of the ORR. We are proud to be working with a leading American coalition of outdoor camping organizations to promote economic growth and outdoor activities. ”

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