The X3 plant in the US, the largest BMW car assembly plant in the world, is 7 million square feet plant in Greer, SC, near Spartanburg. It is also engaged in the production of trucks X4, X5, X6 and X7 and is a global center for the production of crossovers.

But according to AutoForecast Solutions, in 2021 the plant was operating at 96 percent. According to AutoForecast, last year the X3 accounted for about 27 percent of its production.

Moving the assembly to Mexico could free up power in the U.S. to expand production of other crossovers. Production of the new crossover will begin in the fourth quarter of this year with the plug-in hybrid crossover XM – the most powerful car BMW M, which combines a V-8 engine and a high-performance electric motor to produce up to 750 hp.

BMW in Mexico worth $ 1 billion, which is a 45-minute drive southeast of San Luis Potosí, is creating compact sedans of the 2nd and 3rd series.

LMC Automotive forecasting chief Jeff Schuster said the plant operated only 42 percent of its capacity of 175,000 vehicles last year.

“The plant has almost enough space to absorb the current volume of the X3 in South Carolina,” said Schuster, who was unaware of plans to move production of the X3 to Mexico.

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