Automaker Piston Group says it will produce batteries for electric vehicles to launch energy storage technology Our Next Energy, Inc.or ONE.

Piston group said he plans to produce Aries ONE battery packsusing lithium iron phosphate chemistry to “increase the range and reduce cost by eliminating nickel and cobalt supply chains and safety concerns”.

Piston Automotive, a subsidiary of the Piston Group, will build batteries at a plant in Van Buren, Michigan, about 25 miles west of downtown Detroit. Production is expected to begin later this year.

“Our commitment to product growth and expansion over the past decade, along with other leading partners in the EV industry, has been key to our success,” said Piston Automotive President Bob Holloway in a statement. “Piston Automotive’s expertise in battery design, testing and maintenance combined with ONE’s innovative battery design is an exciting opportunity and great for our long-term strategy.”

The deal is an important milestone for ONE, a veteran of the industry and 2021 Automotive News All Star Mujeeb Ijaz in the suburbs of Detroit in 2020, Aries will be the first of its products mass-produced for the EV market.

According to ONE, the Aries battery has 79 kilowatt-hours of power with a peak power of 120 kilowatts. Customers on the company’s batteries are not disclosed.

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