Porsche’s new PPS Origin service is basically 23 and I for your car

The nice thing about owning a Porsche sports car is that you’re almost guaranteed to own a classic, whether now or in the future. Porsche’s new online service offers to tell you the story of this classic.

The automaker recently launched a vehicle documentation website that allows classic car owners to request a Porsche Production Performance Report (PPS) from the comfort of your home (or office, I’m not your boss).

The PPS contains your vehicle’s original production card specification, including optional equipment, exterior and interior colors, engine and transmission type, production end date and manufacturer’s suggested retail price (if available). The service is available to everyone Porsche VIN can can be ordered online.

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For those who want to delve a little deeper into the history of their Porsche, the manufacturer also offers a Classic Technical Certificate. It’s a little more complicated, so the owners have to go to the dealership to do this.

However, those who want to enter will have their vehicle inspected by a qualified technician who can determine if all original parts remain and which, if any, have been replaced. It can also guarantee engine and transmission the numbers match the original records.

The CTC comes with a technical evaluation of the interior, exterior, drive system, underbody and suspension. Professional photos are taken during the process, and the report comes in “beautiful packaging” that Porsche says can be shown at your next meeting.

As a result of the extra steps, the Porsche Classic Technical Certificate is more expensive than the Porsche Production Specification. The former costs $500 and the latter a reasonable $125, plus applicable taxes. Additionally, owners of 2019 model year vehicles can receive a free original Monroney sticker from MyPorsche, while owners of 2020 model year vehicles can receive their own personalized Monroney.

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