Maxeon Solar Technologies has released an integrated home energy management system designed to interact with solar photovoltaics, batteries, heating and cooling, home appliances and more.

Maxeon Solar Technologies, widely known in the US as SunPower, has announced the release of a comprehensive energy management system designed to interact with home solar panels, energy storage systems, and a full range of energy loads in the home, including heating, cooling and cooling. much more.

The platform takes a step beyond system monitoring by actively advising homeowners on ways to optimize energy use. It is capable of recognizing power consumption patterns and offers further steps to save electricity bills.

One example is the SunPower One system, which recognizes “always on” devices in the house that are advantageous to turn off during peak demand and high electricity prices. It can also identify faulty appliances that may need repair or replacement based on abnormal electrical signals.

With compatible products, the system allows smart uses that increase your own consumption of solar photovoltaic power production, plan charging times for electric vehicles when excess solar energy is produced or stored, or operate heating and cooling systems at optimum cost and energy.

“We expect the SunPower One solution to rethink and revolutionize the Beyond the Panel consumer experience by informing homeowners with valid energy ideas in their home, helping to make their homes more efficient and sustainable.” Jeff Waters, CEO of Maxeon Solar Technologies

Maxeon’s SunPower One will be packed with the company’s SunPower Reserve home battery. The company said its integrated products group will continue to grow throughout the year, adding products such as charging electric vehicles, and will open up additional software capabilities for additional services to customers.

The system will also assist installers by reporting on the opportunities identified by homeowner behavior in energy use, offering more products and services to increase energy savings. The SunPower One tool also provides a digital sales, design and citation platform for the installer.

“We have the freedom to think outside the box and use next-generation technology to bypass traditional offerings in today’s marketplace. Our customers are our northern star, and we will continue to prioritize their pain points, ”said Ralph Elias, Maxeon Solar Technologies’ product director.

Maxeon’s SunPower One platform will launch in Australia in the third quarter of 2022 and will hit other markets around the world during 2022. The United States and Canada will not participate in the launch in 2022. A SunPower One demonstration will take place on May 11-13 at Intersolar Europe.

The best in the industry guarantees and expands the US

Maxeon made a wave in the solar industry when it announced that the Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) line of panels is now backed by a 40-year warranty. major distributed solar markets. IBC elements have a feedback energy conversion that allows the entire front of the element to absorb sunlight without shading from metal strips, as in conventional solar cells.

Maxeon IBC solar cells have a 40-year warranty in key markets outside the United States.
Image: Maxeon Solar Technologies

According to Maxeon, the minimum guaranteed performance of these panels is 98% during the first year of operation followed by a maximum annual deterioration of 0.25% over the next 39 years. As a result, 88.3% guaranteed power level after 40 years.

In November 2021 pv magazine spoke with Mark Babcock, Maxeon’s chief revenue officer, who noted that Maxeon considering manufacturing in the USbut he said it would require several changes in federal policy.

Babcock said the 3-GW cellular power plant in the U.S. is awaiting the passage of the 2005 Energy Policy Act, based on a Title XVII loan from the U.S. Department of Energy; it may also depend on the success of the Solar Power Act for U.S. Senator John Osawa (D-GA). Such an adoption would make U.S. enlargement a more attractive prospect for Maxeon, likely attracting other players from the industry as well, according to Babcock.

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