The engine head for the Jeep Cherokee, whose production may be cut next year, is being loaded from the Stellantis assembly line.

IMAGE: Stellantis

Automakers continue to cut production as microchip shortages show no signs of abating.

The latest example is Stellantis, which Automotive News reports plans to cut production of the Jeep Cherokee next year due to chip shortages, although Stellantis has not confirmed this.

The publication refers to the expert AutoForecast Solutions, who said that next year the automobile industry will have to cover the loss of up to 3 million cars.

While the chip shortage is showing signs of easing, it’s not going away anytime soon. Although US automakers are working to acquire or create new supply chains, the effect will not be immediate.

The US government is investing in such efforts in North America and offers tax benefits on cars with batteries made on the continent and parts made or reworked here.

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