This is true crossovers prevailed expensive, but there are so many that no particular model dominates. With that in mind, we wonder which car is most common in your area. Are all the stereotypes about different places correct, or do you know the real truth about your hometown or town?

For example, I’ve lived in Colorado for almost 15 years, and let me be the first to tell you that all the stereotypes about Subaru and Colorado are completely true. You can’t go more than five minutes without looking at Legacy, Outback, Forester and two WRX.

Now that I’m in Arkansas, the car scenery has changed dramatically. There are so many Dodge Chargers out there that it’s a little silly, but they only outperform them Dodge Challengers. My wife and I joked about how many there were, and the saddest thing is that it’s almost all V6 models. It seems that the people here in the south are strongly focused on appearance, not on power.

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Having spent some time in California this year, we can also confirm that the Tesla Model S really should be on that state’s flag. But again, we wonder what is most prevalent in you in the woods. Sure, the Ford F-150 may be the best-selling truck in the entire country, but you may be in Key West, Florida, and the car you see the most is a golf cart or Smart Crossblade (we’re kidding, but you understand).

Maybe you live somewhere in the outback of Australia and are surrounded by people who run Utes who are much more legal than this it may have been mistakenly named here in the United States. Maybe you’re in Dubai, and the Bugatti Veyron really isn’t as popular as we think. Either way, we want to understand what is most popular where you live.

Are the right stereotypes about your area? And if not, why do you think people associate the two? Let us know in the comments below!

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