At the Paris Motor Show, Renault is showing off a modern electric version of its iconic Renault 4

Renault 4 is much more than a car: it is a true icon. With over 8 million units sold in over 100 countries worldwide, it has bridged the gap between generations and society over the past 60 years. It is comfortable both in the city and far in the countryside, and it is multifunctional – you can drive it to work and long distances, transport cargo and much more.

It’s a simple yet classy car for everyone that appeals to both men and women.

Production ceased 30 years ago, but the 4L has never left the spotlight. One of the original vintage cars for young people, the last 25 years have seen the 4L Trophy prove its worth time and time again as an all-rounder built to last. This explains why it is still a crowd pleaser, especially among the younger generations.

The 4EVER Trophy show car, which Renault will unveil at the 2022 Paris Motor Show, is the second iconic model to receive an electric reboot after Renault 5 prototypeduring Art Renalution. In other words, Renault is using its illustrious past to better electrify its future.

A modern twist and lots of boldness

The Renault 4EVER Trophy show car creates new memories while bringing back old ones. Beneath the muscular exterior, stylistic connections to the 4L predecessor are evident. The main characteristics of the original car were restored:

  • The silhouette is easily recognisable, with a prominent hood, bumper and distinctive sloping rear end
  • The rear trapezoidal side windows with rounded corners are located just above the rear wheels
  • Front flanks left bare (without lights and stylish markers)
  • The wings are on the wheel arches and reach the shield

The retro style is harmoniously combined with other sophisticated and technological lines.

The show car has generous curves and a very sophisticated radiator grille. “Ultra-tech” spoke-to-body connections add an extra level of precision and modernity. The same can be said about the carefully honed rim around the roof.

Renault 4 is a myth. And myths never die! The R4 is a car that can appeal to everyone, and today we want to rediscover this universal dimension through a modern electric reinterpretation.

Luca de Meo, Chief Executive Officer, RENAULT SA

“To bring the 4EVER Trophy into the modern era, we have infused its streamlined form with technological sophistication. All of these ingredients have been carefully crafted to ensure that the design resonates with both those familiar with the 4L and its illustrious history, as well as younger generations.”

Gilles Vidal, vice president of the Renault brand, design

Unique light signature

The 4EVER Trophy re-paints the Renault 4’s iconic wide horizontal grille with round integrated lamps, now with Matrix LED lights. Innovative headlights give the car a strong identity. While the recognizable pill-shaped taillights have also been completely redesigned, they remain easily recognizable and are a clear nod to the iconic 4L.

A light SUV that wants to explore

An electric car that goes off the beaten track: that’s what the rugged 4EVER Trophy show car reveals at first glance. The electric motor reflects the future production model.

The lower part of the 4EVER Trophy, painted in silver metallic arrow, was designed for outdoor recreation. An open invitation to explore new horizons, this show car clearly exudes an adventurous spirit. It has a certain style to it with a silver coat and purple highlights on the roof straps, suspension springs and wheel emblems.

The dune buggy atmosphere gives the 4EVER Trophy a competitive look. The hollow hood has a huge air outlet, which greatly increases the efficiency of the radiator located in the center of the shield. The front overhang has been significantly shortened for more ground clearance.

With a spare wheel located on the carbon fiber roof and a shovel and waffle boards on the top of the tailgate, the car is ready to handle any situation.

Wide protective panels of the body in the lower part are made with a significant clearance of 20 cm around the wheel arches. The high-rise bodywork emphasizes the width of the 753 mm diameter wheels mounted on 19-inch rims. The bottom has been reinforced to provide more protection for the battery located in the middle of the chassis.

Each wheel on the 4EVER Trophy has a visible compressor that can be easily adjusted from inside the vehicle to adapt the tire pressure to suit the terrain.

While the 4EVER Trophy is clearly an off-road vehicle by nature, it has also been designed to be enjoyed on any road without fuss. The upcoming electric 4L aims to be as versatile as its predecessor once was – or rather, always has been since 1962.

The upcoming B-segment SUV

The 4EVER Trophy show car paves the way for a future all-electric B-segment SUV that will be comfortable on both city and country roads.

Like the Renault 5, it will be built on the new CMF-BEV platform for electric vehicles in the B segment. The platform guarantees the best performance in terms of range, acoustics and road behavior without compromising on design.

The market positioning of the future Renault 5 and Renault 4 will be very similar to the Clio and Captur. The 4EVER Trophy and the Renault 5 prototype presented at the Renault stand during the Paris Motor Show embody Renault’s “nouvelle vague”.

Like its predecessor, the upcoming 4EVER Trophy-designed car will be manufactured in France. Due to their common features, all vehicles using the CMF-BEV platform will be produced in ElectricCity Hub in the north of France.

Technical characteristics of Renault 4EVER Trophy

Length: 4160 mm
Width: 1950 mm
Height: 1900 mm
Wheel base: 2570 mm
Front and rear tires: 255/55R19
Power plant: fully electric, with a wound rotor