Ferstappen returned after leaving the track and recurring problems with the DRS and brought home a crushing Red Bull 1-2 ahead of a teammate Sergio Perez.

Leclerc was driving ahead when he lost power on lap 27, handing over the lead MercedesGeorge Russell. Perez passed the Mercedes a little earlier than half the distance to get ahead, but Ferstappen slipped past him by the end of the race and got his fourth win of the season.

Results of the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix race

How the Spanish Grand Prix unfolded

Leclerc maintained his lead on the pole in the long run before turn 1, ahead of Ferstappen, Russell and Perez (who touched the wheels on turn 1) and a slow start Carlos Science (Ferrari).

Lewis Hamiltonwho won here the previous five Grand Prix, started in the media and faced Kevin MagnussenChaos on turn 4, pierced the front left tire of the Mercedes.

This raised the second Haas out Mick Schumacher to the sixth, earlier Walter Botas (Alpha Romeo) passed him on the 5th lap and Esteban Ocon (Alpine) further lowered it two laps later.

Then a gust of wind caught the two leaders: Science spun on turn 4 on lap 7, dropping from fifth to 11th, and then Ferstappen rolled on gravel from second position in the same corner after a couple of laps, dropping to fourth.

Perez allowed Ferstappen to return to third place in the 11th lap, and he proceeded to return second after Russell when Leclerc increased the lead by 10 seconds. Russell’s car overheated, while Ferstappen’s DRS didn’t always work and they passed together on lap 14.

Ferstappen was increasingly upset by his intermittent DRS as he worked to find a way past Russell. They swapped places on turn 1 on lap 24 when Ferstappen dived inside, but Russell again bypassed him at the exit.

Leclerc, who was driving ahead, lost what looked like a sure victory when his power unit got into trouble and slowed down just before half the distance, leading to his first unfinished finish of the season.

Ferstappen again came out to tear Russell off in the 29th lap, choosing new motives that allowed Perez to attack Russell, the Mexican who leads the 31st lap. Charger Ferstappen bypassed Botas for third place outside the 12th turn.

Russell came out on the cutlet when Ferstappen caught him on the 37th lap, and Perez also stopped on the 38th.

Ferstappen made his third stop on lap 45, choosing his latest set of fresh mediums, and he rejoined Russell. On tires that were fresher by six laps, Ferstappen just had to beat his teammate to win the last 20 laps.

Ferstappen easily caught and bypassed Perez on the 49th lap. He retreated to an easy victory, while Russell made a late stop for softs and was forced to beat Botas for third place. Botas’ attempt to reach the finish line for a long time had unpleasant results when Science and Hamilton bypassed him.

Hamilton overtook Sains to take fourth place with six laps left, but both Mercedes drivers were warned of a critical technical problem – so Sains again bypassed him on the penultimate lap.

Ocon finished seventh, ahead of the ailment Landa Norris (McLaren), Fernando Alonso (who started his Alpine from the back of the network) and Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri).

Perez made an extra stop for softs to cover Russell’s attempt to pass the fastest lap, and took the extra point that was offered.

The fastest laps at the Spanish Grand Prix in Formula 1 2022

Pit stops at the Spanish Grand Prix in Formula 1 2022


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