Narvar leverages the Fillogic network to give retailers another option for handling e-commerce returns.

Through the partnership, Fillogic will pick up the returned goods at the drop-off points in Narwar for sorting and aggregation. According to the companies, this will speed up the process of returning these items to the retail store by as much as 70%.

“Narvar and Fillogic share a common goal to help retailers and brands simplify the returns process and build stronger, lifelong customer relationships,” said Michael Haswell, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Narvar. “We look forward to working closely with the Fillogic team to develop further innovations that will benefit our co-branded customers, and we are excited about what the future holds for this partnership.”

Narwar it is a post-purchase customer platform. The company is focused on creating a convenient online returns experience for consumers, allowing them to return a product with as few clicks as possible.

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Conversely, Philological handles the physical part of the last mile. Describing itself as a logistics-as-a-service platform, Fillogic offers a suite of solutions for retailers, including forward-looking product positioning and e-commerce fulfillment services. The New York-based company operates mall distribution centers to “connect bricks to clicks.” The company’s services enable retailers to quickly fulfill e-commerce orders or replenish in-store inventory as needed. Fillogic also offers same-day ship-from-store services as well as e-commerce order processing, including order packing for retailers when required. Fillogic also works with logistics service providers to provide inbound goods receipt and returns/reverse logistics management.

Narvar has more than 200,000 locations where consumers can drop off their returned goods. Once they do, Fillogic will step in, collect the returned goods, sort and process them at one of their locations. From there, Fillogic will ship the product to where it makes the most sense in the retailer’s network, whether that’s a distribution center or a physical store.

Fillogic had his say Delivery marketmulti-carrier network and sorting and segmentation solution, helps retailers save up to 65% in time and transportation costs while reducing carbon emissions by up to 80%.

“Narvar specializes in creating the best post-purchase experience for retailers and their customers, which made our decision to partner with the company easy,” said Bill Thayer, co-founder and CEO of Fillogic. “As demand for our platform’s returns and reverse logistics capabilities continued to grow, it was important to us to work with a partner that has the scale and ability to meet the needs of retailers. When it comes to unlocking new revenue opportunities and improving operational efficiency through sustainable return process optimization, Narvar is the perfect partner for us.”

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