Cadillac valued the Debut Edition at $ 59,990, and we thought it might represent the upper limit of Lyriq’s value. Eventually, manufacturers from Tesla to Polestar and GMC first released new cars in fully loaded versions before introducing cheaper models. And judging by the set of standard features of the Debut Edition – which includes an AKG audio system with 19 speakers, heated and ventilated seats and a Super Cruise speakerphone – it certainly seemed fully loaded.

But the owners of the Debut Edition booking seem to have gained the upper hand over those who expected to show their interest in Lyriq. Entry-level models with RWD will cost $ 62,990, or $ 3,000 higher than debut machines of limited production. The extra charge for the same doesn’t look very good, but it’s also not surprising given that the cost of materials has risen dramatically since the announcement of the Debut Edition price in 2021. Customers can find more value in anticipation of the AWD version coming next year. Its starting price of $ 64,990 is a modest price, but much more power, although the probability of falling to the maximum range.

Although RWD models will have higher-than-expected MSRPs, the recently announced partnership with EVgo and Qmerit will blunt the sting. When buying Lyriq, shoppers can choose between two benefits: free charging for two years at EVgo charging stations or a loan of up to $ 1,500 that goes to installing a home charger through Qmerit.

Says Edmunds

The range of 312 miles Cadillac Lyriq 2023 is not impressive, but it is competitive with other mid-size SUVs. And while the price tag is higher than we expected, it’s also not surprising given the cost of raw materials and the fact that Lyriq is loaded with features right out of the box. In addition, the new partnership with EVgo and Qmerit only reinforces the value of the offer.

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