We suspect the terrain is more challenging than sand tracks, and the occasional bump will end up confusing the big square Ford. But overall, the Timberline dismissed the mild off-roading we put it through with a simple gum dragon and a confident “I got it.” Most SUVs find their way into mall parking lots and cover the area between home and the kids’ soccer practice, but you can expect the Timberline to do more.

A true do-it-all machine?

If all you really need to do is get the kids to and from camp, Expedition has you covered too. Sure, interior space is cavernous, but fold down the third-row seats and slide the second-row seats forward and you’ll have access to 63.6 cubic feet of cargo space. If you need room for even more, dropping the second row gives more than 100 cubic feet of free air to work with. It’s like having a whale’s mouth on wheels that easily swallows anything you might need to throw inside.

It’s hard to find a genuine do-it-all machine these days. Most cars, trucks, and SUVs present some sort of compromise, and the same can be said for the Expedition, the most obvious of which is its size. It’s ma-hoo-sive, and it’s not even an extended-wheelbase model (which isn’t available in Timberline guise). Parking in tight city lots results in restless steering and razor-thin lines between the truck’s appearance and the pesky lines of the parking space.

Another minus is the price. At $79,860 as-tested, the Expedition Timberline doesn’t come cheap. It’s one of the most expensive Fords you can buy, and that might give potential buyers some pause. With a Timberline base price of just over $72,000, it’s a nearly perfect deal. But it costs almost $80,000 with extras, and it’s an expensive car. We imagine buyers with that kind of cash to spare will also have other options on their minds, but they should keep in mind: Expedition Timberline does almost everything well, something we can rarely say with certainty.


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