It’s official car cleaning time. The sun is shining, the dirt is flying, and your rugs are crying. Having survived the season of dirt, tears and salt, the interior of our cars is in a rough state. In the meantime, we are preparing car cleaning kits, one tool stands out as the first step: vacuum. Removing large chunks of food and dirt from your car is the best way to start a complete car cleaning.

Vac N Blo Compact wall mount

I decided to give back Vac N Blo from MetroVac try, in particular, the Compact Wall Mount version. It’s built in America for professionals, so I reviewed it through the prism of a detailer or frequent cars cleaning lady. I was immediately amazed at how small he was. The main vacuum unit is only 17 inches long, seven inches high and seven inches wide. This is much less than comparative Bissell Garage Pro vacuum, dimensions 26 by 11 by 11 inches.

The weight was also impressive – the Vac N Blo Compact wall mount version weighs just 8.5 pounds, or about the same as this one Stanley wet / dry portable vacuum cleanerwhich takes up more space than the MetroVac unit. Full-size vacuum cleaner, like this one from Craftsman, weighs a whopping 25 pounds compared. Vac N Blo produces 4 horsepower and 130 cubic feet per minute airflow – excellent performance compared to similar wall-mounted and portable vacuum cleaners.

The Vac N Blo comes with nine different attachments, two 20-inch extension cords, an additional flexible hose and a set of brackets for wall mounting. The power cord is 12 feet long, which in itself is impressive. Since it can be mounted on the wall, this is more than enough. However, if you need some mobility, the shoulder strap allows you to carry it easily, but you will need an extension cord.

I plugged it in, switched on the metal toggle switch, and it came to life – well, in fact, it didn’t roar at all. Vac N Blo is surprisingly quiet. I had alert ear protection on hand and she stayed. I couldn’t find the decibel specification, but, on a non-scientific basis, it was even much quieter than many portable vacuum cleaners I’ve used in the past.

meter vac n blo

The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry – just be sure to purchase an extension cord.

Colin Morgan

The Vac N Blow Compact has a suction port on one end and a fan on the other. To maximize blowing power, remove the front cover and filter bag and allow to break. The kit also includes some inflatable nozzles that can be used to inflate rafts or inflatable mattresses. The vacuum cleaner worked fantastically on the new mats and cleaned as expected. Then I tried it on a much dirtier interior and it passed the test again.

Inside the Vac N Blow Compact has a three-layer filtration system. MetroVac recommends that the paper bag be disposed of in the event of contamination, that the permanent fabric is regularly inspected and shaken, and that the carbon filter be replaced three to four times a year. I’m sure it depends on how much you use it, but that’s what you need to know.

meter vac n blo

It also works great on the ground!

Colin Morgan

All in all, the all-steel Vac N Blo Compact, made in America, with lots of attachments – is a fantastic car vacuum cleaner for parts or frequent cleaners. The $ 350 price is certainly higher compared to other wall-mounted and portable vacuum cleaners, but it is more powerful, quieter and lighter than its competitors. In addition, it is well stored on the wall and does not occupy the entire corner of your garage as usual store vacuum cleaners.

It’s official – Vac N Blo sucks. And so I promptly added it to the garage.

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